Yes, it’s the sixth day of February today! But I still cant escape my perception of how February, five years ago, changed my personal view of the month. Cause I’ve come to see a different image of me when I felt the genuine happiness, exactly five years ago overflew upon me. It’s been quite a while yet the date has always been remembered. Maybe it’s just me being too clingy on the significance of a certain day. It’s never easy for me to forget things and parcels of memories especially if those really mean so much to me. Cant believe it’s already been five years wood anniversary supposedly! But I’ll forever be thankful to this moment I dared to say what I really felt; I came to relish all these feelings of mine to you; held my breath and said “I love you too”. This made me a better me. This made me what I wanted to be.
February is a special month to me still. The memoirs were previous. Looking back at it might be insane but, you know, I just can’t prohibit myself from doing so.
I am always glad to welcome the month, but with lightness and positive glow. I look forward to having a very, very lovely February… with or without someone special.


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