A Blessing in Disguise

Got home from a very looooooong trip! Well, it’s not that long. Soooooobrang traffic lang talaga! We’ve been to Talisay, Batangas to witness how fiesta is being celebrated there. I was with (of course) my beloved (and craziest) family all day long, like the usual thing. We were stocked in a very heavy traffic at the narrow shitty roads of the town. It took us about four hours just to get into there despite the gloomy weather. We could’ve taken it for about an hour or so if this traffic didn’t butt in. I was hungry all the way through! (this is the worst thing lol). My cousins even dared to just walked for they believed that they’ll arrive faster than riding on the L300 (which was true! I should’ve walked too!)


giphy (1)

I dunno why I chose to accompany them on that weird trip given that I felt that I decided few hours ago before they depart not to join (primarily of the bed weather which made me stick on my bed). But I still chose to join and it was such a mistake. NO! I somehow had fun and made my day quite productive.

I just do not know but everytime I make decisions in life, I feel like I am paving the wrong path. For so many times, I have blamed myself for choosing path that won’t lead me to what I am supposed to tackle. For so many times, I take regrets and make me feel like I am indeed a gullible.

giphy (2)

I was sitting beside my father on the vehicle while we were travelling. From there, I could see the beauty of the place, the breeze of the cozy air, the scenes from the outside (using my sociological lenses. yikess!). And of course, I’ve witnessed how bullshit people tend to behave during traffic hours. There was a time that two government vehicles attempted to escape the road through overtaking right on the other lane. And so, people followed them even if they know that–STILL–there were vehicles passing through the other lane. And as the latent effect, the vehicles (in both lanes) cannot all move! It’s just sad to think that instead of being the ‘model’ for others, they were the ones to start up the mess! I was really ranting too many stuffs as we were still stocked on that road.

I somehow thought, if people do not know how to wait PATIENTLY for their turns, do not know how to respect one’s privacy and space; do not know how to give-and-take chances, I couldn’t imagine how miserable our country would be. This is one issue I always raise at the back of my mind. Tsk! Tsk!

giphy (3)

We fin’lly arrived at our destination at around 3’oclock (yes, after 10 years). Father decided to pave our way home through Tagaytay City in Cavite. From here, yes! No traffic, less busy road and much more welcoming aura (perhaps because of the weather).

Despite of all the messy and shitty things that we’ve dared to experience on that now-memorable road, there is–[STILL]– a beautiful thing that happened. I, we, came to see a picturesque at the heart of Batangas, the Taal Lake. Fascinating, heart-warming, relaxing! It somehow relieved the hard and bad vibes around. It was my first time to stop and stare on the beauty of the lake, feel the magical aura and take selfies from it. The view was completely awesome. The air was fresh and was indeed a worthy set of breathe. The wind touching our skin was cool, terribly inching us closer to snow. haha. And I look forward to coming back here one day (with a special one this time. lol).


There comes this moment in our lives that we tend to ignore the ‘much more beautiful’ things/blessings we encounter in life because we were trapped by bad things. I realized, at the end of the road of life, no matter how crazy the adventure would be, even if it’s full of mess, troubles, and much negations, there is always, always something to be thankful for.

Thank you so much, Talisay, Batangas!


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