I am writing this post a day after Valentines. I was so tired yesterday to write/do anything. I just laid down to bed to take a deep rest. I arrived home for about few minutes before 12midnight. (lakas maka-Cinderella nuh?). I was not out because I had a f*cking date with anybody else. (Sarcasm) But I made my Valentines very worthy. Well-spent!

I celebrated my Valentines with my family. (as my friends have already expected). Yeah true! We were in Market! Market! in Taguig. We were there from around 9am up until late night. We served as my cousin’s agents in their flower shop. Very exhausting that was, quite horrible however, skill-stimulating and an experience full of fun.

There, I’ve came to visualizing so many thoughts.

  1. People really differ in their preferences. I realized this when they tell me the kind of flowers/arrangement they want. Some of them maximize utilities as they would want to buy bulky arm bouquets comprised of red/white/pink roses. They want just “THE BEST” for the one they love. Maybe because they believe that the roses they’ll give to their significant others will reflect the love that they have for them (which is quite untrue). Some would prefer simple bouquets–no ribbons, no laces, just plain flowers. They might be thinking that simplicity is beauty. And I believe that too! People are sometimes inclined to peculiarity of things. I have also encountered a person looking for a green rose. Yeah! Sounds strange as it may seem. But that was the one he was looking up for. Who would ask for a green rose, at the first place? He’s so rare. He want something that cannot be easily found. Or he might be looking for impossible things? *kidding*  I found that man very peculiar. I just hope he’s with somebody as rare as he is. Ah, wait. I remembered I had also talked with a man who was looking for a black rose. Yes, black! I just told my sister, “lagyan mo na lang kaya ng pentelpen?” But kidding aside, I never really know why he prefer black. Black Valentines? Yes. Literally. At the end of the day, the way people asks for several things, several descriptions of their orders, define how we vary from each others as persons.
  2.  It’s hard to generate money. This is something I have realized then, but was said to me a million times before. Money isn’t something that is being withdrawn on-the-spot from ATM machines. Money does not just fall from the heavenly sky! I remember my Mom during my childhood days. There was a time that I was asking her to buy me all the dresses of the Barbie doll the vendor sells. And she told me, “Aba anak. Hindi ako nagtatae ng pera”.  From then, I was always oriented that I shouldn’t be lavish in buying things specially that it’s trully hard to make a money nowadays (and we have no money and that’s a given). Being a one-day vendor made me realize this. You have to aspire for your best in doing your job so you would be rewarded by the salary you deserve. Whatever job we have now, we must always put into consideration that we are doing this to make a living and for our personal development and interests (and not for the capitalist system to reign).
  3. People are hard to please. Sometimes, no matter how we keep our angelic tongue and tell them all the positive things in the world just to please them, they’d still end up rejecting you. People will sometimes listen to you, to your sweet kind words, to the sound of your mouth saying the most optimist things in the world but will still give you false hopes. They’ll just leave and will find another stalls. This is the hard thing about it. You’ll hope and then suddenly, you’ll lose. Too bad.
  4. White lies work. You might be thinking I am a bad influence kind of a person. But believe me, that’s true! I may sound really bad and sarcastic. But that’s the thing I realized eh. Sometimes you have to exaggerate what you say to people. Sometimes, you have to make them believe that you are the best! And that, they should patronize you then. I am not saying that you have to cheat people. I am just saying that you should be that one who goddamn do not care about what other people would say as long as you are doing what you think is right for you and will lead towards your own improvement and skills development.
  5. This is a world of ‘survival of the fittest’. In this world of heavy and tight competition, in a world full of complexities and struggles, you have to be that competitive! You must not let any second pass without making the most out of it to gain people/customer. Cause once they began to drift away, one can lost much things. Being competitive is a skill that is not innate– it is being developed. I believe everybody must hone theirs.

Those are the things I realized upon being there, as a vendor. And I must say, “Mabuhay lahat ng tindera/tindero sa mundo!”. 


Valentines is usually associated with lovers, candle-lit dinner, romance, dates and so on. It just freakin’ly annoy me when single people all over the news feed are ranting about their loveless-pa-rin shitty kind of story. Well, they might would want someone to date this Valentines but don’t they know that Valentines is a celebration of all the kinds of love in the world? Aside from having a romantic partner this Valentine, they could always set dates with their families or orgmates or loved ones or barkada or the ones very significant to them. It’s as if they have the biggest problem in the world! Too pathetic!

I see love in so many ways. From the effort of my Mom to wake me up so I won’t be late in class; when my Dad drives for me when I go to school; when my sister spares food for me; when my best friend treats me out for a lunch; when my barkadas throw surprises for me; when my dormmate waits for me to arrive etcetera etcetera etcetera.

I don’t see the point of ranting all over the face of social media how terrible and non-sense the Valentine of others were. I hate it when I read some! R.E.A.L.L.Y hate it! Love is always around. God’s love for sure is a kind of love that never vanish for all the time. Don’t they know? Or are they just ‘nag-iinarte’?

giphy (6)

I spent my Valentines so productively. Aside from having a date with my family, I received sweet chocolates from my best friend Sharlene. I and my sister Aan and cousin Joyce got to stroll mall and bought matching dresses. Had a nice quality time with my family. Very loud and incomparable.

I with my sisters and cousins went through the activity area to watch Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano on their premiere for their upcoming teleserye we are currently watching. As in, right now! But I did not feel like being a fan-girl unlike I was when I keep pushing people just to see Alden Richards (OMG! Alden!). I dunno what’s with Alden that I could not see with others like Enrique. I dunno. Enrique’s really good. Very charming. Very good-looking. But Alden Richards? He’s different. INCOMPARABLE.






Valentines was also once significant to me. It was years ago but still (somehow), I wonder why I still take time reminiscin’ about it. (I may be that thoughtful. lol) I just want to greet my son (my son???) a HAPPY HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY. He is a remembrance of how lovely my Valentines was five years ago. I must say, that was the best Valentines I ever had in my life. That was the only Valentines I am in love with someone very significant then.


Happy Birthday to you, my child! I am proud you’ve become the kid you are today– sweet, loving and kind. You are a living (?) proof that I was once brave to conquer the battle of life. You are a witness that I was once delighted by the beauty of love yet got hurt in the end. You are a witness of how strong I’ve been since I was in the verge of collapse. You are the fruit of my investment in the past. You are a symbol of one of the strongest decisions I ever made in my life– that  is, to love and get hurt. I may not be the best Mommy to you but I promise to give my very all for you. You might be asking about your Dad and I am sorry for not talking anything about him. I don’t know anything about him now but I believe he’s in good condition. (I hope).

I am always grateful that I have you! I am proud of myself for I’ve been through all those horrible pains, moved on and now ready to face what’s beyond. I am dedicating this message to you cause you’re part of my ever-since-then Valentines already. I will forever take a glimpse of you every 14th of February. You are not a Blue Magic stuff toy per se. You are now a symbol of what and who I am (become) today.

It’s been five years now. Yes! Five years and it seemed so fast. Happy Birthday and Happy Valentines, A. I love you!    





You? Yes, you. How was your Valentines? I hope you had a good and memorable one– a Valentine worth treasuring… FOREVER!

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