Kamay Ni Hesus: Hands that will forever hold


It’s weekend! I was browsing my phone and I’ve found these photos. I felt like I must be posting these on my blog (though I already did in my other accounts). These were taken at Kamay Ni Hesus  in Lucban, Quezon. It was indeed a real fun, for I was with my family and friends. ‘Weekend well-spent!’ ika nga. 


We first (of course) attend the Sunday mass. We were sitting apart from each other since there were too many people occupying the church and there were no benches available for us all. However, we were all able to start and finish the mass.

We ate our lunch altogether. (Solid!) Afterwards, given the intense heat and the crowd of people, I and my cousins planned to treck the ‘mountainous’ stairs right beside the church. Well, I have experienced to go at the topmost level way back 2012 when I was with my high school friends. But this time was different. I was thinking if I am going to do the same thing again or just settle at the resting place. But I still chose to accompany ’em. I’ve prepared lots of water for I know how thirsty I will be when I reach the top.



Stop Over to take selfies. 😀FB_IMG_1455934905499FB_IMG_1455934728840

Geee! Finally we’ve reached the top. Very fulfilling! haha. Kidding aside, yes it is! After the massive perspiration and overload of tiresome. It was really interesting to see people devoting much time to pray at the ‘giant’ monument of Christ up there. Filipinos are really religious and very spiritual.


After all, after all the sacrifices, a beautiful picturesque awaits. There! Just living the amino spirit with God.


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