Tagaytay Getaway


Tagaytay City is one of the places I would look up to going once again. Yes, because of the picturesque one will witness as they go there. But the other thing which made it more conventional and worth travelling is that, you get the chance to have the serene place to think… of random things.ย Senti-senti ba.ย Seriously. I came to think of all the things creeping over my mind. Things I cannot always put into words and those that only I can understand.

First destination was the San Antonio de Padua Church in Cavite. There was a wedding ceremony ongoing when we arrived but still attended the mass. It’s just.. we wanna be blessed for the whole day. And that mass sufficed.


Picnic Grove was the next stop. There we ate lunch as a family again and we had much enjoyment and fun on the view. Very calming! A place where you’ll find tranquility in the heart. Absolutely beautiful!


To enjoy the adventure even more, we hurdled going to SkyRanch! Yihaaaa! SKYRANCH.



Looking forward to see you again, Tagaytay!


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