Today is Feast Day of St. Felix, the patron saint of our neighbor barangay, San Felix. Around 1km away from home, we went there. Makikifiesta! Hihi.

My cousins, Ate Gladys and Ate Ivy (who happened to be the beautiful daughters of my Mom’s twin sister) resides there and from that, we had the opportunity to celebrate/experience fiesta of that barangay. That was such a good time. The foods were very good and tummy-overwhelming. We do it every year, with my family and (as usual), that was really fun.

Aside from Ate Adys and Ivy, I also had the chance to see few of my high school friends/classmates, mingled and teased each one. Lalo na si JushtineSayang nga lang, wala si Sharlene and Jamaica. But that was okay since biglaan naman ang lahat. What remains the same are the naighty acts of each one, as if we were still confined in a classroom setting during our high school. Nothing has ever changed!




From left to right: Marie Anne, Grace, me, Jushtine and Romar

I have no much photos to show since I was not in the mood to take many selfies. lol. These were taken from Sarah’s camera phone. The photos says it all. We had fun, even we’ve just had an hour or two to make bonding moments. We had to go home early because of too many stuffs to be done by each of us. See? We have individual lives now. That’s awesome to hear.

Good thing I arrived home early. I got the chance to watch PiliPinas: Presidential Debate. Feels like I have to watch it for me to be aware of the social issues our country is currently facing (Naks!) Also, I will have the knowledge if ever my professors would ask me what did happen and everything.

It’s really good to see old friends. I felt like I see my old, old self too– the one I left behind few years ago in the same old place. Oh drama pa! No. But really. Yeah! I see the naughty me, the one smiling so genuinely and the one who teases one. How I wish we’ll have another get-together bonding since it’s been awhile since the last time we had one. Hayys!

Ah wait, I’ve not eaten anything. I was hoping for a cold sweet fruit salad to fill my tummy but failed. Pero meron naman salad. It’s just, pabebe lang talaga ako for I keep on saying “mamaya na lang” or “busog pa ako” when Ate Grace was telling me to eat some. But there, naubos na. Akala ko kase yata unlimited. Then Jushtine told me, “yan kase pinapakawalan mo pa opportunities”. I don’t just know if he was referring to other stuffs (or makahugot lang?)

My friends were asking me about my lovelife. (which is so weird) They know it already. I have no lovelife for almost five years now. I just felt that it was Jushtine who imposed them the idea of me having a boyfriend already now.. for the second time. They keep on asking me on who the guy is, but I keep on reminding them that there’s none. “Wala nga. Pramis! Kung meron, sasabihin ko naman sa inyo” And they reacted to this horribly. Because the first (and last) time I had a boyfriend remained a secret ’till two of my friends caught us in the act of dating. haha! Silly us. But, going back, I have no lovelife for the moment and that is not a secret. Maybe if I havae some, you would know. Brave na kaya ako! 

Sunday is, I guess, my favorite day. Oh, Friday also. And the Sunday today was really, really fun! God Speed, everyone!


Okay. Ni-share ko lang talaga. Tutulog na ako It’s 12:34am already.



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