To the point of no return

Have you ever felt the feeling like you’ve made the worst decision ever in life?

That regrets keep on thrumming through the veins of your heart

Have you ever think of all those “what if’s” that could’ve just happened if you were brave?

That things may seem so much better when you had the courage and dared

Have you ever blame yourself for all your shortcomings?

That you could never have the best sort of things

Have you ever tried complaining about all the bullshits happening currently?

That you’ll just wish everything’s not happening in reality

Have you ever wonder what could’ve happened if your choice was different?

That you could’ve a better way of life in the latent

Have you ever missed something you’ve always been dreaming of?

That it just passed by you without having any notice at all

Have you ever seen great opportunities slipping away from your hands?

That you cannot do anything but to freely let it go

Have you ever heard the voice coming from within saying “you got it wrong”

That you’re left with no choice but to keep being strong

Have you ever hate yourself for doing such a wrong move?

That negative consequences might happen and you just did prove

Have you ever beguiled yourself into believing that yet another worthless day shall come?

That each day you live is embedded with sarcasm

But have you ever tried to convince yourself that you’re on the right track?

That it’s just you who think you’ve paved the worst path

Have you tried accepting the consequences of your choices?

That, at the same time, you cannot be in two different places

And have you ever told yourself it’s now time for you to move on

Not to keep the fuel of regrets continuously burn

Should you tell yourself, you got no choice but to accept evertyhing from now on

Cause there’s always a point of no return


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