Write. RIGHT. Write

Since I am (hopefully) graduating next semester, I have enrolled at my terminal course, SOC 199 (Undergraduate Seminar). This entails students to pursue one sociological study and (coersively) present this to a professional conference consists of the Faculty members of the Department of Social Sciences of UPLB and other UP campuses plus students of sociology in other universities and colleges all over CALABARZON. (di naman nakaka-pressure, ano?) And I am not ready yet for April 19 to arrive. This is the scheduled date of the said conference, however, venue is still unknown.

Yesterday’s class include how to write a research paper professionally. Well, I have done so many research papers in the past and writing isn’t new to me apparently. I have also taken Research Methods courses like SOC 192 (Introduction to Qualitative Research); SOC 195 (Research Methods in the Social Sciences) and SOC 195.1  (Research Methods in the Social Sciences Laboratory). Basically, writing has been my life since I transferred to sociology. I was always trained how to write professionally, independently and with lots of pressure. Yes, PRESSURE!

At a 6pm to 7pm class, one wouldn’t expect this to be as productive as those three-hour Laboratory. But that 50-minute class (excluding the 10-minute Grace period) was highly reflective for me. I would like to share thoughts from my professor from that evening class yesterday. She said that what distracts us from writing is actually  not the environment, it is actually ourselves. This is really true to me. I can write at any place I am in. But in some odd reason, I cannot write something. There are many times I felt like I am being tabula rasa. Hours pass and I find myself staring at the blinking cursor of a blank white page. Maybe it’s just me who can’t articulate my ideas so well that I tend to write nothing at all. Too bad. Or maybe, I’m having too many ideas that I do not know already what to write and what to neglect. Or if I neglect something, will it cause decline on the progress of my paper?

However, there are still many times I am becoming proud of myself. (Wow!) But Seriously, I am… well, at few times, at least. These are the moments when I am receiving my papers with good grades, though for so many times, I am used to having too many red marks at the periphery of my papers. Too many marginal notes and corrections. But those were all okay. Seriously. Aside from being used to it, I know, this will improve my abilities and writing skills. (Pampalubag loob)

I can write at any time of the day. Especially when I am cramming or it’s few minutes before the deadline and I am not yet done with the first draft. But I prefer to write at midnight or at dawn. I find my mind productive during these hours. Too many thoughts are popping up my mind before going to sleep (if ever I choose to). I always usually finish my drafts a day before the submission day so I can make some editing and revisions. These are the times when I am becoming proud of myself accomplishing something. But there are moments that I am not totally confident at my drafts though I know I did the best that I can do. Kumbaga, bahala na. I did my all naman.

I prefer writing in the midst of the night until dawn. I feel like my mind is being so productive during these times. I dunno, but I’m having too much thoughts during 2am, 3am-ish time of the day. My mind is so nocturnal. I’d rather sleep all day long and do all my papers during dawn. So weird but I’m like that. I cannot write without drinking coffee or hot chocolate or milk. When I write, I do not go directly to my laptop. I use to write my drafts on a piece of paper first before working on it in windows. I use pink ballpen when writing. I feel motivated when I use pink pen..the letters look beautifully in pink. I love having music when I write–love songs (but Im not in love), ballads, mellow rock and pop are the genres I prefer. What else? Hmm… Ah! I take a bath first before writing. I feel like my neurons are being regenenated when waters fall onto my head.

I know there are so many things I have to improve for me to be a better writer. There is, and there will always be a room for improvement. just like what Prof. Abrigo said, writing is a skill that needs to be honed and improved. True indeed. In the years to come, I want to be a good professional writer. If given the chance, I want to publish something, I want to be an author, or co-author, at least. I want to see my name in a column. From my childhood days, I want to become a journalist, mass communicator. But since I am now in the field of sociology, I want to apply my writing skills in making progress of myself.

Writing is a right thing to do.



My shirt fits the lecture



But writing can cause me much headache


But I can still manage to smile 🙂




You? Do you love writing? I hope you do. 🙂





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