First impressions last

Lately, I was saying I’m loving my SOC 130 (Social Psychology) class. And I fell in love with it once again this afternoon. The topics were self-presentation and impressions. Ooh, by the way, SOC 130 is being taught in a small class since it is a major subject for socio peeps and an elective to other degree courses. So, the class is always interactive and communicative to everyone..including me. Chenes!

My professor here is Prof. Kristine Alagad, a psych under Sociology-Anthropology-Psychology Division, Department of Social Sciences. She’s one of the wonderful professors I know. (Naks! Mam, uno na ba ‘ko? lol) But seriously, I mean it. She’s the kind of professor who respects the points of view of the students. She never rejects any ideas and views. She respectively listens to everyone’s thoughts even if sometimes, it doesn’t make sense at all already. She still manages to connect the student’s thoughts to the lecture so that we’ll be enlightened in the most efficient way she know.

Just this afternoon, she revealed all her first impressions to each of us, yes individually. Her impressions of my classmates were quite prosaic, ordinary and common. Like: “Tahimik ka”  ;”mahiyain sa simula” ;”may pagka Ate/Kuya figure”; “very intellectual”; “shy”; “cool guy ka nuh?” “matalinong bata”; “model ka siguro”; etcetera etcetera etcetera. Just few phrases just to describe them. But to me? Waah. I was quite surprised by her first impression of me. It turned out that she perceived me to be someone who keenly observes people, especially her, when they talk. She said that I was like as if I was judging her every word whenever she delivers her lecture.

It went like this:

“Miss Maldonado… Hmm,  Si Miss kase, sya yung estudyante kong observant. Feeling ko lahat ng sinasabi ko ino-observe nya kung totoo ba. Yung parang… feeling ko tinatanong nya, ‘Mam, totoo ba yang sinasabi mo? Reliable ba yan?’ Parang ganun.”  *laughs*

Me hearing that be like:        (O_O)    *screaming inside*

My inside thoughts:

Mam, talaga ba? Do I look like as if I am really a judgmental, doubtful, full-of-critique type of a person/student? Huhu. Nakakahiya. Sorry, Mam. (But sorry not sorry. lol) OMYGOD! Feeling ko tuloy akala ng classmates ko very inellectual kong tao. Hahaha”

But her impression of me was somehow true, in my personal perspective at least. I love observing people. In fact, I even judge them, even if I do not know them personally. But I keep my mouth shut on it (of course!). But in turn, I don’t mind if others are judging me the same way as I do. This is what I am doing and I feel good at it. *sarcasm*

I don’t usually care if others judge me negatively, more especially if they do not really belong in the circle of my friends..if they are just acquaintances, or those I just know by name. I have my own sphere in life and I do not let other people come in just to ruin the world I have built.

But I found my professor’s “first impression” of me a positive thing. Frankly speaking, I am a young/future sociologist (yes, I’m claiming it. Yikes!) And it is a natural thing for me to be a keen observer. The social life is my world. My sociological lenses is my tool. This is how I see world eh. I felt much good when she (Prof. Alagad) took notice of me that way. I know, it’ll last or it may somehow change as time flies. Things aren’t always constant. Things are bound to change.

I love her first impression of me. That could be my “Blind Spot” pertained in the JOHARI window, psychologically speaking. (Oh, may natutunan ako)– something known to others but not to yourself. I do not took notice of that, actually. But since one has said to to me already, this now become a facade for me to know myself much, much better.

By the way, I had an interaction with Professor Alagad two years ago. It was during our two-day field trip in my SOC 129 class (Race and ethnic Relations) in Kiangan, Ifugao some time in February 2014. I was with her but she didn’t know me yet. I was a student of Prof. Briones; Prof. Alagad had just accompanied with us throughout the trip.


Professor Alagad is the one in black (UP) jacket, second on the first front row (from left). Kiangan, Ifugao, February 2014. Me? Find me. 😀


She’s the one in black jacket.

I am just wondering, was it today that she had a first impression of me or was it two years ago? I guess, it is the ‘today’ one since we had social interaction with each other already. Whatevs!

The way we see or perceive one another is a thing. Vulnerable to change, might as well. Our perceptions of others might last for a long time ’till the end. On the other side of the coin, perceptions may be changed. But one thing is for sure, first impressions lastCause at the end of the day, these were your FIRST impressions. And second, third, fourth, nth impressions may butt in.


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