Every other four years


It’s February 29 today! Today must be special since it only happens every four years. Can’t you imagine it will happen again on 2020? Happy Birthday to Superman! Happy Birthday also to all those leap year babies! HAPPY FEB 29! 🙂

I don’t know but I feel that today should be special. Fundamentally because it happens just every other four years, maybe? Or is there an occasion today I just do not take notice of? Or what? I dunno.

But I guess, today is again, always an ordinary day for me. I have no classes on Monday but due to the previous holiday (EDSA Revolution Anniversary) and some classes which were off these past weeks, my Professor has set a make-up class to one of my major classes (SOC 170-Social Problems). And it’s going to happen today, 4pm to 7pm. Hayyys! Plus, I have a scheduled meeting with my groupmates in one of my major subject on 7pm onwards. Feels like it’s going to be a Monday full of anxiousness.

Currently, I’m packing my things good for five days (yes, five days of boredom and struggles). I am also polishing my papers so they can all be ready to be printed out later. This is a good thing about me. Naks! I don’t wanna cram… ANYMORE! Even if it’s deadline is on Friday, I want my papers to be done so I can make some editings and revisions of it since I know I am sometimes quite stupid in writing stuffs.

This is how my life evolves. ACADS-HOME-ACADS-HOME-ACADS-HOME… and the cycle goes on. Everything’s becoming routinary, routinary, routinary. I don’t even have a time to enjoy a social life. I sometimes feel the need for a sort of change, well a li’l would suffice! Can you suggest any?

As much as I want today to be special, guess it won’t be happening. I will be sticking to my ordinary, non-sense, boring day. But there is something I have realized then. The date shouldn’t be considered just to make a day special. We must always strive to make a day worthy. Be productive, be industrious. Do things that you are ought to do the next day. Make the most out of it. Seize it! Carpe diem! (Ooh why can’t I apply this to myself? brrrr!) Why do people wait for a day (date) to come to make it special where in fact, each day can be one? *sigh* 

Yes, February 29 is a date occurring every other four years. Can’t you imagine, if you were born Feb29, you are celebrating your birthday very, very rare, making you much, much younger than your batchmates, technically? Hihi. 

Tomorrow is another phase of the 2016 calendar. Might as well approaching to the second quarter of the year eventually. Woooh! How time flies really fast! But March 1 will happen every year unlike today, happening on 2020 again. Last day na ng February. Kumusta naging love month nyo? Hope it’s something very precious and memorable– something worth treasuring forever (if you believe in forever). Though me, *sigh* I had 29 dates with my handouts, notes, books and lecture copies. We don’t part ways. (See how sweet we were?) And we’ll continue the same thiing on the next month, on the next month, on the next month. This is love. No  matter how you hate it, it’ll stick by your side. Choss!

I want February 29 to be special. That’s the bottomline. Cause I’ll be waiting for this for four years from now so I don’t wanna miss the chance of making this day extraordinary. But sadly I haven’t got the chance to plan for this ahead. Hmm. Maybe someday, this is going to be a day very, very worthy to me.

PS. Malay mo, ikasal ako ng February 29. HAHAHA 😀

PSS. Make the most out of today. Good day!


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