Miss Sto. Tomas 2016

Ayy hindi po ako kasali. haha

I had the chance to watch the Miss Sto. Tomas 2016 tonight. Pero Team Bahay lang (Thanks to galaxy cable). It is an annual event wherein, as usual, young beautiful ladies who have the guts to represent their barangays are chosen to eventually reign the town. Chos lang! Of course to represent the true beauty a Tomasina brings.

I am a fan of beauty pageants, only if one becomes a representative of myself. Well, I guess, everybody would relate to me somehow. Who would not support a member of her group especially when it comes to competing with others for social prestige and privilege? Hmm.. not unless one doesn’t really care. It’s the only exception.

Ray Anne represented Sta Ana, the barangay I am PROUD of (Naks!). Actually, I have always trusted that this girl would go a long way for she’s beautiful, intelligent, belongs to the high class of people and truly radiates a positive aura everywhere. Though I just know her physically, I haven’t got the chance to talk to this girl. (But I guess we know each other since we’re living in the same barangay).  She’s quite popular, because of her physique maybe and she’s exposed to such competitions as well.


Ray Anne Sanchez, 18, Sta. Ana (photo grabbed from her Facebook account)

I am featuring her in this blog because I am SUPER PROUD of her. I am proud I am part of this little community. For everybody to know, Sta. Ana is one of the smallest barangay in the town having less than a thousand in its population. And yet, she was able to get to the top! Yeah, cheers!

Upon looking at the photos of the candidates released by the official fan page, I thought Ray Anne is going to win the crown (swearyoso). She, candidate number 18 and candidate number 2 (Ms. Sta. Anastacia) are my favorites. I mean, without bias since I am with Ray Anne. They’re two among the outstanding women out there. *sarcasm* But yes, the beauty of these two really ignite. I felt the positive instinct that they are going to win beacons. And I was right. Ms. Sta. Anastacia won 2nd Runner Up. (Pwede na akong judge nuh?)

Being a beauty queen is one of my dreams. Opo, ambisyosa. I just think that, how does it feel like to be the most beautiful girl in front of a decent crowd? How does it feel to ramp in the most intimidating stage? How do the butterflies in my stomach going to ‘beastmode’ if I am in the question-and-answer portion already? How am I going to be accepted to be the darling of the crowd in that heavenly night? What talent I am going to present? If I win, how does it feel to be famous? Or how will I stand in front of thousands? How can I… What am I… How does it feel to… Hmm, basically everything.

But I am afraid of this ‘everything’. Aside from having a very low self-esteem, I haven’t got the chance to do such acts. (And I would definitely not). I am terrified by the big stage. I am not good in public speaking. I have stage fright. I hate it when the public is looking at me. I hate answering questions in front of everybody. I hate impromptu speeches. Just those that concern others to stare at me. It feels like they’re scrutinizing  my whole self, judging me negatively. I cannot express something orally. I’d rather look for a pen and paper and write it then tell the audience: Can you just please read? But of course, it won’t happen all the time. Public is damn public. Face it.

I don’t believe I am confidently beautiful but I have a heart. (haha lakas maka-Pia Wurtzbach). No, seriously, I don’t think I am physically beautiful. I have many acne on my face, too many dark spots, chubby cheeks, not-so-fair skin. I am quite vertically-challenged. 4″10 to be exact. I don’t have a well-shaped body. I have a hairy legs. Oh, poor self.

But at times, I do believe I am gorgeous. lol. It just declines when I dare to compare myself with others. Comparing does hurt, reality speaking. The same thing goes with my intelligence. I sometimes think I am one, but I think I am stupid and gullible, most of the time. I don’t know. Why can’t I have the confidence in me? Oh, dearest self-confidence, when are we gonna meet? Hayy…

Oh sa’kin na napunta. Dapat kay Ray Anne. Pero connected pa din dito promise. haha

We (I, my sister, cousins, friends, buddies, etc.) love making fun of people. Do not take it too serious. It’s just, it’s really relaxing/nice/cute/make fun of people. Oh, bad girl. But, just for fun lang. We don’t take things very seriously. (Relasyon lang. haha chos!). And this thing, I don’t want it to happen to me–others making fun of me in any way. That is one, I guess, one of my biggest pet peeves! Eeeer!

Like, kanina. We (again) laughed at some certain mistakes of the contestants. Those little muntik-na-matapilok feeling by the contestants. We laughed at it. Very bad ba naming bata? Hindi ba kayo ganyan? If yes, then I envy salute you!

These are (some of) the random things we laughed at:


Judge: Bilang isang kabataang Tomasino na may boses, at nalalapit na naman ang eleksyon, ano ang mga katangiang hinahanap mo sa isang lider o magiging pinuno ng bayan?

Miss *insert barangay*:   …Yun pong may free WiFi. Kasi karamihan po ng kabataan ngayon ay maraming assignment na ginagawa. 

Cheers to the ugly truth! Yeah!! *hampas sa sofa* You made my day!  😀

I’m sure you’re laughing, or at least smiling at it. Right? That’s how we felt watching.

But the rest are the physical characteristics of the candidates. My cousins, Zenrick and Ate Essel were really brutal in making judgments of others. But, again, these were all just for fun. They were saying too many critiques of the candidates. “Sobrang payat, malapit na sa tingting”. “Mukhang bakla naman.” “sa tanda nang iyan, pag hindi pa nakapasok yan sa top 10 ewan ko na lang” “Wala na ba gang mapili sa *insert barangay*” “Puro pisngi.” “Puro gilagid” etc. etc. etc.

And these things? I DON’T WANT THESE TO COME BACK TO ME IN ANY WAYS, BE IT BEAU-CON OR NOT. It just feel so silly to do so. Bashers ang peg ko/namin. (Wag nyo po sana kaming tularan, haha)

These are some of the questions asked by the judges during the Q&A portion:

“Among all the contestants, do you think yo are the best? Why or why not?”

Me be like:

No. I don’t think I am the best. If I am so, I’ll let others say this thing to me and to people outside my sphere. I won’t carry my own self. Being the best can sometimes mean, keeping the humility in your heart knowing that others can always appreciate the best things about you. Striving for the best should be the rightest thing to do. One must always pursue for what she thinks will produce the best pursuits. Thank you. Good evening!


Bilang isang kabataang Tomasino na may boses, ano ang katangiang hinahanap mo sa isang lider o magiging pinuno ng bayan?”


Ang isang tunay na lider ay naninindigan sa lahat ng kanyang salita para sa ikabubuti ng bawat indibidwal na nasasakupan ng kanyang pinamumunuaan. Tumutupad siya sa kanyang mga pangako na maaaring naging dahilan upang tangkilikin siya ng masa. Ang isang mahusay na pinuno ay hindi kinakailangang maging tanyag sa aspeto ng paglalathala ng kanyang panaglan sa lahat ng bagay na kanyang ginawa. Dahil ang tunay na husay ng isang magaling na pinuno, nakikita. Hindi ipinapakita. Magandang gabi, Sto. Tomas!

Chos ulit! HAHAHAHA.

Oh last na. Eto yung tanong kay Ray Anne. (Btw, her answer was very convincing and bright)

“Are you in favor of same-sex marriage?”


No. I am not in favor of it. I still believe and put high values on the sanctity of marriage as imposed by the Catholic Church. Included to this is the binding of two hearts and souls of a man and a woman. From the early times, it is the norm widely held by the society and I still conform  onto it. But then, I am never against the love and romantic relationships portrayed by homosexual couples. I put high respect on them, actually. But the marriage is the one being talked about it and I stand on my belief. Please consider that this is my personal opinion and it does not reflect any of my aspects at all. Good evening!

Opinyon ko yan ha? HAHA. Oh, tama na. Baka ma-discover pa ako. HAHA choss na naman!

That’s it for today. I just want to share with you how it went.

PS. Believe in yourself and let the world empower you. Never settle for less than you deserve. Be true to yourself. Lastly, dare to conquer the world and believe that you forever stuns. (How I wish I can say these to myself.)


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