50 Random Things About Me

  1. I love the end slices of a slice bread.
  2. I never had a ride on a bus alone. I always need someone to accompany me.
  3. I am bothered by people wearing neon shirts in class. They look like a highlighter.
  4. Have a difficulty recognizing faces and remembering names of people I just met.
  5. I drink, occasionally. Wines, rums, vodka, mixed drinks, but I don’t drink gin. (Pangmatanda!)
  6. I am more comfortable wearing shorts, shirt and slippers getting into class than jeans and dresses.
  7. Had a boyfriend once.
  8. I love chocolates! Drinks, ice cream, cakes, name it!
  9. I hate people who don’t say “Thank you”, “Please” and “sorry”. I sometimes roll eyes on them.
  10. I have irregular menstrual period (perhaps causing acne to burst out extremely).
  11. Big fan of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza.
  12. Graduated Valedictorian during elementary and high school but seldom consider myself intelligent.
  13. I always blame others (even myself) when failures are met.
  14. I stalk people online who catch my attention. Or when I get interested on them.
  15. I love fruits! Sour ones are the best.
  16. In movies, I hate it when there’s happy ending (like they got married, forgiven each other, etc.)
  17. Jollibee is my comfort place.
  18. Dark red lipstick is my best preference.
  19. I am a Sociology major student but not really sociable. Ironic!
  20. Obsessed with bangs. Full bangs! Just wondering how will I look like with a bangs, but I am afraid if that won’t look good at me.
  21. Tatay’s sisig is my forever love.
  22. I love Disney movies.
  23. Attracted to pink–all shades.
  24. Ethnocentric.
  25. I don’t share my own stories about my lovelife (apparently that one long time ago); but I love listening to others’.
  26. I love watching Filipino documentaries. History, culture, politics, social problems and the likes. #Nerd
  27. I collect bracelets.
  28. Not a fan of animated films.
  29. Isolating myself from others is my way of thinking, reflecting or focusing on something. #IntrovertMatters
  30. I love Taylor Swift.
  31. I am a good (I think) party organizer.
  32. Perceives men playing drums really cool and awesomely handsome.
  33. I have stage fright– public speaking, impromptu speech
  34. I won’t avail prepaid load unless someone important texts me.
  35. I can’t sleep with lights on.
  36. Never really experienced tears of joy. (this is what makes me cry)
  37. Afficionado 35 and Bench So In Love are my favorite perfumes. Feels like I’m a real lady when I wear these.
  38. Wings are my favorite parts of chicken.
  39. Nocturnal. I find myself productive during midnight to dawn.
  40. Rockoustic ballads make me feel relaxed.
  41. Addicted to grahams!
  42. I have sweaty palms. And i hate it. (Jahe kaya makipag-holding hands haha)
  43. Better off working alone.
  44. Coffee lover.
  45. I express myself through writing.
  46. I find it hard to trust people. There are only few people I trully trust.
  47. I have dislocated bones in my right elbow due to a bicycle accident when I was eight.
  48. I find it awkward to smile with people I am not really close with. Though I still do.
  49. I don’t deny invitations. I always make sure my time fits or I have set that event prior to any other things. I just know the feeling of being neglected. Char!
  50. There are TOO MANY things you should know about me.


So there! I hope you had a deeper glance of me. I assure you, there are lots of things you ought to know. Thank you for reading!



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