To every Eve all over the world

This is for all the brave and daring women I know– those who have the brightest glow and the most beautiful rays of positivity. I salute all the women who still manage to smile despite the unbearable pain. I envy women whose beauty still intrinsically radiates despite all the pessimistic occurrences. This, I guess, is the epitome of the real essence a woman can have– to still handle the pain and to keep moving her feet forward. Strong women are rare and I am glad if you know some.


She deserves respect. That is, in any kind of situation, we owe a lot to her and respect is such a valuable things everyone can bestow. Actually, every person  has the right to gain respect from others. No matter what the age, race or social position a person acquires, WE all deserve this. And she is one of the most deserving person to obtain such.

She deserves to be loved. She deserves to harvest the love she has invested. She deserves to have someone who will love her eternally without expecting anything in return. She is a person worth glorifying and loving. She’s ought to never be taken for granted even once. She is worth all the time and effort a man can possibly give. At a random corner of the world, there is this someone who will love her and who will be willing to give up everything just to be with her, a man who will be hers eventually. She doesn’t have to drain herself into a mindset that nobody can actually love her because of the flaws she has. Because a loving heart accepts all the worst parts. But someone, somewhere (down the road) is there to catch her on all her sweetest downfalls. There is always this man who will bravely dare to conquer the world and fight for the longest battle life can take. SHE IS WORTH ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD.


She’s vulnerable to pain. Fragile as she can be. She takes things very seriously. She gets hurt easily. She may be quiet and calm; serenity may surround her place; but still she’s still living with the sorrow. Her heart is sinking in the deepest ocean of melancholy. And still, she’s brave to handle and deal with the pain. This is how strong she is. When clouds of depression began to creep over her, she hides it with a beautiful smile.

She gets upset at too many random things. Even the simplest ones can piss her off, in one way or another. She puts meanings on everything. Not being that too paranoid but she gets too conscious on much things. She’s doubtful, quite insane and may be nagger at times. But after the waves of talks and machine-gun-like-armalite-gun-whatever mouth she has, she’ll be calm and everything will turn out fine again. And she, again, is the sweetest person one could ever be.

She’s sensitive. Everything for her is serious. She’ll be flattered of the most optimistic words coming from you. But will easily get pissed when the most negative words come along. She’ll bury it deep in her heart, will take time to reflect on those and she will never forget all the lines you have said.

She needs attention. You might be saying you give some but for her, it’s not good enough. Her heart jumps in joy whenever she hears the kindest words and gestures of appreciation. That minutes and seconds in your life, you have given attention for all the things that she does or the features she possesses.

She’s physically in pain during her time of the month. Kindly understand her mood swings, irritability and less attention on things. Cause everytime her muscles cramp, it feels like she’s holding her last breath. The pain circulates and will be felt for several days. And within these days, she still thinks of what she can still do just to make you happy despite the intolerable pain. She still thinks of you. She gets much conscious everytime she sits and stands cause she’s being wildly making sure that a certain red stain will not show for it might turn you off. This is her monthly dilemma.

She’s the one carrying your little child. She’ll carry the fetus for nine long months. Can’t you imagine, nine months? She’ll get fat, loss her body shape and crave for most foods. She gets hard times deciding for the dresses she’ll wear for some might not already fit. After the long wait, she’ll have the most tremendous body pain and sacrifice to give another life. And this will be felt for couple of times, and will be so much pain in the arse. But this, yep– the beauty of being a mother. (parang danas ko na ah? haha)

She puts high values in the smallest things. Even a candy wrapper from the cheapest candy you gave her will forever be kept inside her coin purse. There will be times when she’ll create a scrapbook of all the unforgettable mem’ries you both created and shared. All the wacky photos will be the most beautiful ones for her. The single stem of flower you gave her will be stocked at the innermost corner of her closet. She’ll keep the petals and preserve it hoping that someday, you’ll be able to remember the first moment you gave one. She’ll wear the dress you gave her, during special occasions of her life cause it’s a way of being with you during those lovely times.

She’s indecisive. She thinks that there are too many options in the world. She takes much time in picking the best choice. Basically, the most fickle-minded person you’ll meet. From the restaurant she prefers, the clothes she’ll wear, the shade of lipstick that best suits her lips and the shoes she’ll use in taking steps with you. (Guess, picking the best shade of lipstick is the hardest).

She can be your best support system. She pays attention to the very details of your life knowing that things will be just perfect if details were good. She will constantly cheer you up when things seem to be at the verge of collapse. She’ll find ways how to make you happy when all else fail. She seems to be a cheerleader ready to boost your confidence. She’s not just your ordinary confider. She’s more of your cheerer.

So, to all the beautiful women all the over the world, HAPPY WOMEN’s MONTH! Salute to you all!





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