The man of my dreams

I am in love with someone out of  my reach. He doesn’t know it yet. He does not have any idea of my feelings for him. It gets more serious as time goes by yet he still doesn’t know. Should I tell him? Nahh.. But I know that he is worth-the-love-a-woman-can-invest type of guy and everybody fells in love in him very deeply. And I admit, I am one of them.

He is a guy who sets priorities in his life. He knows what to set first, which comes after and all. He knows which is which. He gives much value on his family–basically a family-oriented man. He’ll do everything just to make every member of his family in the perfect places. He thinks of the future of his siblings. Just a very fatherly-figure. This made me admire him the most. I believe that a person who loves his family so much would be a person who will eventually love his family of procreation as much as his family of orientation.

I salute him for just being the most grounded person I know. He never gets boastful of the the things he is achieving. He had so much and still keeps his feet on the ground. And this is very obvious of the every single ways I see. He is the kind of man you’ll be proud of. Besides his too many achievements in life, all his awards and recognitions, there is never a moment that an air unconsciously enter his head. Very humble, very well-grounded. Humility is always in his heart.

I should add, he is the kind of man who will always seek for the Divine God for guidance, for blessings. Almost  everything! And this turns me on. I believe that real men honor God in all platforms. Cowardice has no place in his heart for he believes that his belief in God will be his best driving force. He is strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit and thus having the sterling courage and fiery determination in his heart. There is always an avenue for his faith. I salute men like this!

He is intelligent. He speaks so well. He picks the most appropriate words. He doesn’t ‘trash talk’, never to anyone. He is very polite, very courteous. And this reveals his own self. Someone who was raised by a good family and was oriented of good values and morals.

However, he is not nerd. He still throw jokes, though sometimes corny and non-sense (A for the effort, lol) But the magical thing is, no matter how non-sense his jokes are, I find myself smiling. Of course not because of the jokes and  lines he has thrown but because of his contagious charming smile. This smile reflects the beauty in his eyes. Magnificent, tantalizing to look at. It seems like my bad hair days are being gone and faded whenever I see him smile. A person full of enthusiasm, he is. Never a day gone by that he dwell on the negative vibes of life. No matter how bad a day can be, he still finds reasons to share happiness and good vibes. He just carries very positive aura, that make me feel I am in a good mood.

He is a good role model for the youth. He possess the characteristics a good youth must have. Think, if every youth of the Generation Z would be like him, I guess, we can stand by Rizal’s words : “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.” He is an epitome of success. He patiently waits for his time until the summit of his success is achieved. He pursues and strives for the best. He never give up! Tried and tried until something went on, until something beautiful has fin’lly paved on his way. This is a virtue every youth shall have. That, there are going to be times when life will dare against us, throwing away rocks. But, these are just tests how strong a person can be– how long and how strong can he resist.

When he loves someone, he is willing to fight against all odds. He will make sure that he is fighting for the right person and is doing it out of free will, because of love. He puts all the efforts he has just for the happiness of the woman he loves. He falls in love madly and crazily over a person and remains loyal to her no matter what it takes. You’ll see the sincerity in his eyes reflected in the ways he does. All those single acts, all those little things mean so much to him. You’ll know he’s in love. And the person he fell in love with is someone also deserving of the love he invests. I know, at least from my perspective. I understand, he is worth all the love in the world.

I might have exhausted all the positive adjectives that can describe him. He deserves each of these, any ways. When the time comes that I will find love AGAIN, I want my boyfriend-to-be to be someone like him. I am willing to invest all the love I have preserve to someone who will love me in return, someone who reflects the image of him in the vagueness of my mind. These mental images, no matter how vague, will still be vivid in my dreams.

He is a person I really admire, adore, and secretly love. He is the man of my dreams. Any guess who this guy is? Hmmm. His name is.. *drum rolls*



Alden and me, with a stranger. Pfft! Meet and Greet at Ultimart Tanauan City, Batangas, December 13, 2015. (Sorry for the blurred photo, kasalanan ng photobooth!)


Alden my love,

If you’re happening to read this by now, (which is I know, too impossible), thank you for being such an inspiration.  Thank you for pouring colors in the beautiful gauge of rain. That sometimes, when I feel weak and extremely tired of life, i just check on him (via twitter, instagram or youtube) and everything’s going fine again. I salute you for being the real you. I love you in the most secretive ways.

May God pour you more blessings cause I know you deserve it. Soar high with flying colors!

PS. Pag nagka-boyfriend ako, gusto ko kagaya mo. Hahaha


Fan Girl


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