Happy Easter Sunday!


AND HE HAS RISEN! Happy Easter Sunday, fellow children of God!

Today is the end of Holy Week. How was your Holy Week? How was your vacation? How was the long weekend? Bitin ba? Okay lang yan, at least you had a quick break– time for yourself.

My Holy Week was just an ordinary day to me. It is an extension of my academic life, basically. I am bombarded with four midterm exams, one term paper, two RRLs (Review of Related Literature), four more interviews to target respondents, one report– ALL due next week. Can’t you imagine how hell-ish my week next week will be? Feels like I’m gonna die eventually. And as early as now, I am feeling the pressure already. Yes, I am preparing for the goosebumps on the road next week. I need to come prepared (Promise, ita-try ko).

As much as I want, I made my holiday productive. I’ve made the rough drafts of my papers, I reviewed for my exams, I interviewed respondents for my major paper from different areas of Sto. Tomas. Oh, ang sipag ko naman di ba? But I haven’t got any legit sleep yet, even if it’s vacation. I sleep at around 1am to 2am. I dunno and it kinda sounds weird, but I find myself productive during such hours. This might be a malfunction of my brain, lol. Any ways, this is how stressful my week will be. But I am doing my best to eradicate the stress I will be dealing with next week. Literal na nag-penitensya ako! But I feel somehow fulfilled. I know, I’ve made another productive days.

Of course, I never forget to meditate, reflect and pray. Despite my hella hectic schedule, I still spare time for my spiritual life. I may not be able to try Visita Iglesia or Stations of the Cross this year, but I still get to go in touch with Father Almighty through my little prayers coming from my  heart.

This is how my prayer goes. (But you can skip it if you’re not interested to know)

Lord, thank You… Thank You for being just here beside me. Thank You for being my source of strength each time I fall. Thank You for not letting me drowned by the negativity of life. Thank You for implanting a seed of hope in my heart and pouring it with the rain of faith. You’ve been so good to me through all these years and I do not know how to thank You enough. 

This is also a chance for me to say sorry for all my shortcomings and weaknesses. Sorry for all those times I feel like I am gradually breaking down and I sometimes lose the rope that ties me to You. Sorry for all the times I feel like I must give up already and there’s no really such hope for me to get through the toughest times. Sorry for the moments I grief, that I feel crashed down by the hindrances in my paths. Sorry for I sometimes do not trust myself, knowing that I am a concrete disciple of You. I sometimes feel weak and I do not know how to be strong. I admit, I am sometimes  oftentimes dragged down by the challenges You give and is questioning Your omnipotence. Sorry. Sorry.

Father, I am also praying for my future. Please do lend me the ways that are ought to be paved. I am not strong in handling and making sound decisions in life which make me too vulnerable to commit mistakes. Please let me have a life worth having. Let all my hard work and sacrifices be worth it at the end. Let me see a clearer vision of myself. Let me handle things righteously. May I be able to overcome the challenges that You will be giving and that, I’ll be a stronger kid than I am today.

Lord, please mend the broken part of me. Please bestow me sufficient amount of strength to carry the loads. Please make me courageous to face what lies in front of me. Let me accept the thought that the mistakes I’ve done in the past-the things that already had slipped away- will be doors that would open another greater chances to me. Let this belief inside of me, everything happens for a reason, be on a stronghold. Make me resistant to pain, make me terribly strong. Allow me to have the adequate strength to face tomorrow. 

Please guide all the people You can read from my heart. Make them far away from sorrow and sadness. Keep them away from fatal things and sicknesses. I love them and it’ll painstakingly hurt seeing them in pain.

Lastly, I am praying for the man You will designate to be my better half.. the man who will fulfill another side of me and will love me eternally and unconditionally. (Naks!) I will patiently wait, no matter how long it takes. 

I lift these prayers through the name of Your son, Jesus Christ.


There! These are the immense delight of the prayers I keep each day. I feel so sorry I don’t get to memorize all the prayers in the Holy Rosary. I only know quite a little Catholic prayers but I still stick to the prayers coming from my heart. Cause these are the candid part of me. These are the reflections of my mere self. These are the words cannot be said by my tongue.. but can only felt within my heart.

I, together with my awesome family, attended the 2pm mass at St. Padre Pio. We’re a bit late but still, able to attend and be blessed. The mass was good, people are really devoted to the Lord. And you can barely see this on ’em.

It’s really sad I have no ‘vacation photos’ to share. I was not on the beach; I haven’t got the chance to climb mountains; I was not with my barkadas or any thing. Ano pa ba ipagtataka ko? Eh I haven’t got the chance to have a vacation at the first place. Sadly, my week was never a relax, and the following week will even more be stressful than the recent days. But it’s alright, I know there is always a second chance and these tiring days shall eventually come to an end.

That’s how my Holy Week went. Tell me about yours. HAPPY EASTER, everyone! God Speed all the time. 🙂




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