Lunch Date at IRRI

It was a hot noon. Since my next class (my favorite class, SOC 130) would be at 2:30, I and my classmate/friend/roommate Diane decided to have a quick lunch somewhere. Diane, by the way, is my closest friend in the university. She’s my roommate, actually. She was used having a meal at IRRI (International Rice Research Institute) and she wanted to have another one again since it’s been a while. I also wanted to try spending a lunch there upon knowing many positive comments about it from some of my friends. We have talked about having a lunch at IRRI the day before and now we’re pushing for this. Geeez! I don’t wanna miss this chance.

I first took a quick nap after my 8:30-10am class. Was kinda deprived of sleep after doing a paper (which was announced to be submitted after some days. Badtrip, nagpuyat pa ako!) I woke up at around 11am so we will be able to catch the shuttle roaming around the campus going to IRRI for free. Diane told me that the shuttle makes it way to IRRI at 11:15am. It is to my surprise knowing that the shuttle passes by at exactly 11:15. No Filipino time. Yipeee!

We arrived around 10 to 15 minutes after leaving the campus. We lounged at the cafeteria so we can have our lunch already since medyo gutom na din naman ako. I was so picky in choosing my meal cause they all look delicious and tummy overwhelming. I was contemplating if I would choose Filipino foods or the international foods or am I gonna try it all? Haha. Diane chose togue but I chose a chicken delicacy, Sinugbang Manok if I have not mistaken. It looks and tastes like the native adobong manok one can usually have in the province. But this one was different. It has the classy aroma which made it even tastier. Sarap!

I told Diane that I have known another study area where I can find tranquillity and temptation at the same time. LOL. The place is really good when you have to do all your academic works. The aura was very positive and you’ll find it ideal for study purposes. Lakas maka-MainLib! Haha. However, there is the BIG (I guess) possibility for you to get tempted each time you look at the foods – the very delicious foods- in the cafeteria. The foods and drinks were really just there and you can avail them at a very cheap price. A meal would cost Php35 to Php50 only! Who wouldn’t try such? Quality foods, sanitized place, organized team—all you can experience at a very low cost. Plus, there is a coffee shop nearby which, at least according to Diane, offers very good coffees and beverages. I want to try it. Yep, kahit sobrang init! I also wanted to visit the museum. According to many, that was really a good exhibit and much stuffs about IRRI are displayed there. Sadly, we weren’t able to experience such since our time was just limited. But, there is always a next time naman, eh. We can always come back.

We’re ready to ask Manong Guard if he can take photos of us since we know nobody at the hour. But luckily, we have seen Diane’s friend making his way to the cafeteria. Since he was a friend of my friend, we requested him to take pictures of us. (LOL)



The shuttle going back to the campus will be at, again exactly, 12 noon. It was a few minutes before the time so we decided to kill the hour minutes by taking photos at a very serene and relaxing place near the coffee shop. The shuttle hasn’t arrived yet, however, it’s about 10 minutes before 12. So maaga pa! Walang Filipino time kay Manong driver ng shuttle. Pictures pa!








Oh! Lakas maka-photo shoot di ba? 😀

We took a stroll at a souvenir shop just near the area where we were waiting. The souvenirs were really cute! Haha. Layman’s term, but they really are. I just didn’t took a photos of the souvenir items thinking that that might be prohibited and I don’t wanna embarrass myself if ever the salesperson took notice of me doing such. The items were consist of shirts, wallets, books, bags, displays and a lot more. I really wanted to buy a shirt, the one which was printed “Have a Rice Day!”. Cute, isn’t it? Or the polo shirt one which costs Php390. Brrrrr! Ang mahal! That was really costly for me. Next time na lang siguro.





And so the shuttle has finally arrived! Yesssss, exactly 12noon! Selfie first!


We thought we were doing all according to the plans. We thought we were going back to the campus really easily– as easy as we have arrived at IRRI. But Diane and I were wrong… As the shuttle moved along, Diane whispered something to me:

Diane: “Mhae, nagkamali ako…”

Me: “Ha? Anong nagkamali?”

Diane: “Maling shuttle nasakyan natin.. Papuntang OU (Open University) ‘to.”

Me:    (O_O)

Diane: “Hala, yun yung shuttle papuntang campus oh, kasalubong natin.”

Me:     (O_O)

But that was really nothing to me. It made me see a larger physical view of IRRI, actually made our mini date even more chucklesome! We were dropped off at a building were the shuttle has to pick up more passengers. I do not know what the building was, but one thing I know for sure: We’re lost. Haha. Kidding aside, it’s just we were sorta far away from the IRRI cafeteria and much more away from the campus and the dorm where we live. And we’ve got no choice but to take a walk.. yes, from IRRI to dorm since we are uncertain of the time the shuttle would come again. But that was alright. It’s part of the adventure, any ways. A blessing in disguise, as we were walking—[under the bright sun]—I was able to have a picture with the huge I-R-R-I standee just along the road. I was requesting this to Diane the moment we arrived to the cafeteria but she refused since that was quite far and we have no much time to stroll around and I got class on 2:30. We paved the way back to the campus despite the super-duper-ultra heat at the moment. Take note, it was passed 12noon and imagine how hot the weather was.




And the adventure was a success! We arrived at around 12:30pm back to the lower campus. I went back to the dorm to have some rest and to prepare myself for my next class. While Diane has someone to catch at the engineering department.


If you are planning to visit UPLB and you are looking for a place where to eat and have a little relaxation, I recommend, you go to IRRI. It is not only a center where you can find rice plantations all over the Philippines. Aside from being an agricultural center of the country where rice are being massively produced, there are lots of things and places you can visit in the institution. This is not only a site where you can stereotypically find varieties of rice, but also a site where you can visit many areas. I swear, you’ll be satisfied.



Oh, summer!


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