I missed you, freedom!

I missed these kinds of hours. I missed these heavenly days. I have no exam to review, no paper works to work on, no academic requirement that pressures. It feels like, aaaaah! HEAVEN! I was so bombarded with too many things these past few weeks and I had a hard time surpassing through such. But I survived! Now I am enjoying the free hours I have before I take my internship. I’ll be enrolling my practicum on the 17th till the early weeks of August and I only have few days to enjoy this mini-vacation. The struggle is coming.

My vacation isn’t this grandeur as anybody may take theirs. I just hang out with my family, enjoy quality time with them and that’s it. I don’t need a costly and lavish vacation. Stay-cation, actually. I just wanna have a little rest– a little break from the reality I had for the last semester. Now that I can do all the things I want, I can now breakaway from the things that stresses me.

Gone are the days of belabour hell weeks and days. Hooray! Along with these changes are the pervert days from the stressful to the more congenial ones. I missed these days where I have  nothing to do but to play, hang out and enjoy my company. These were once a forage to me, I was longing for this for so long. And yes! I have the freedom with me now! Yaaaas, Cheers!

I know this freedom shall come to an end soon. Sad reality. So now, I am enjoying every moment while it lasts. Till we see each other again, freedom!


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