Mini Bucket List

Time passes way too fast. I cannot imagine I am growing up  old. Since time is skipping through the palms of my hands, I want to do things I ever wanted to do– things I wish to happen, to achieve and even experience. There are so many stuffs in the list but I’ll be sharing just some. So if you, guys, wanted to help me carry out these ‘plans’, then I believe this blog entry would help you and you can then figure out what you can do for me. Lol. Here are 21 of the nth list. 21 since I’ll be turning twenty-one this year. (Ano daw konek!? )

1. Blood donation. I’ve been wanting to donate some of my blood to others. But I do not even know what my blood type is. Pathetic self. I remember, I delivered my persuasive speech during my Speech Communication 1, I’ve learned that you don’t only get the chance to save lives through donating your blood. You also get healthier upon replacing the blood lost from you. I was supposedly persuading my classmates then, yet I never experienced such. Also, I am not above the minimum weight requirement to be eligible to donate blood. One must be at least 45kg to be able to donate. But I only weigh 43kg. Sexy ko kasi talaga eh. Haha. Kidding aside, I still look forward to saving lives through donating my blood. Malinis naman dugo ko.

2. Zip Line. I am afraid of heights. Seriously! Even being at the third or fourth floor of a building chills me to the spine. Mahihiluhin ako when it comes to heights. Never ever bring me to places so above the ground. I might freak out, or worse, I might pass out. But I want to conquer this fear and I wanted to try zip line. It amuses me to see people trying that and they look having much fun upon trying so. Well, there’s no harm in trying naman e. Malay mo, I’ll be able to conquer this fear of mine someday.

3. Play violin. I do not know how to play any musical instrument. As in, at all.. And I wanted to try playing one. I wanted to play violin. It serenades me so much when I hear the sound of the violin. It’s just pleasing to the ears. And.. I perceive people playing violin very classy.

4. Climb Peak 2. Peak 2 is a place in UPLB wherein mountaineers or those who love fond adventures find really fascinating. It is located somewhere in the Forestry grounds. Somewhat like a paradise to them. I don’t have any idea how high that ‘hill’ is (shame on me being UPLB student), but I wanted to try climbing.. like a veteran mountaineer.

5. Drive professionally. I envy women who know how to drive, especially those making it to narrow roads. I just want to be like them. They look so independent and strong (?) when they drive. #WeirdPerceptions I know how to drive but I am afraid of the roads, especially when it’s too narrow.  I feel that I am somehow near to trouble when I drive along rural places. No discrimination and prejudice. Uh, I dream of having my own car too. Hihi.

6. Learn a magic trick. Since I was a kid, I am always fascinated by magic tricks, especially those being done by magicians. I know they’re just making fool of ourselves, but I still believe in the illusions they perform. Am I being too gullible as this? Think I am destined to be cheated around by people. Chos!! I want to know a magic trick. I want to know how they make people believe that magic really exists.

7. Watch fireworks with someone special. Isn’t that sweet? Oh, to me, yes. I enjoy watching fireworks. Guess everybody does. But one time, I want to watch an endless fireworks with someone special beside me. Naks! I want to have someone who will join me watch the beauty of the sky as fireworks add flavors. He’ll put his arms on my shoulders, embrace me tight making me feel I am protected and loved. Chos, nag-imagine!

8. Dive and swim. I seriously don’t know how to swim, even dive. It freaks me out to see a pool wherein the water is ‘higher’ than my height. I am afraid of the deep water. I might stab myself into death. I am not tall, honestly. It is always my dream to dive (even at a pool) and swim. I promise, if someone’s gonna patiently teach me how to dive and swim, I promise to keep something to him/her. Malay mo, ma-trap ako sa gitna ng dagat, kelangan ko mag-survive! 

9. Cheerdance. I regret not taking cheerdance classes during college. Well, I haven’t graduated yet, maybe I can enrol still? Nope. The succeeding semester would surely be busy and I have already taken the three PE courses required. I regret not taking this kind of PE class and choosing tap dance (which I haven’t enjoyed) instead. Hayys! Regrets. But if there is (I hope) opportunity again for me to enrol to such kind of class, even outside the university, I would grab that chance.

10. Date on a cruise ship. Feelingera! Dream ko ‘to e. Bakit ba? *sarcasm* I wish I could have someone who would ask me on a date in a cruise ship. It’s just too romantic, isn’t it? I do not know if this would happen eventually and I have just wasted a slot in this list. But who knows? One day, it might happen. Let’s see. Nyahaha.

11. Bake a cake. I once had a baking class during high school. That was during our TLE (Technology and Livelihood Education). But I did not enjoy it that much. We were grouped with too many members so we didn’t had the chance to try baking by our own selves. I’m gonna bake a cake for someone who has made a great impact in my life. Yes! Whoever he/she is, you’re too lucky! Haha.

12. Travel the world. Europe and South East Asia, particularly. I want to see other side of the world.. different countries, different cultures, different environment. I want this to happen with my family, of course. This is gonna be a dream come true to me. And.. I want to ride an airplane, noh. 

13. Be an Hermana Mayor in a Santacruzan. This is somehow timely. It’s the first week of June and Santacruzan for this year has just happened a week ago. I dream of being the Reyna Elena on a Santacruzan. I am curious how does it feel to be the most stunning woman on a heavenly night amongst all the beautiful lady in your barangay/place. It’s very alluring to think that everybody’s looking at you, watching your every move as you’re inside the arch specially-made for Reyna Elena. And you have the other Reyna’s with you. I might feel very superior on them that time. Hahaha. I want to experience such thing! Maybe someday, I’ll give all the most beautiful flowers of May ro Nanay Ana/Santa Ana (our Patron Saint).

14. Pampered self. I want to have a day when I’ll do nothing but to pamper myself. Brazillian blowout, coldwave, hot oil, hair cut, hair dye (uh, sabay sabay?) I want to have my nails polished by a professional manicurist (?); have a full body massage for about three hours; derma/facial treatment; go on shopping; eat all my favorite foods; have a tour somewhere else; make over. Oooh, how am I so craving for these! Even for a day.

15. Work out in a gym. I do not do physical exercises. It’s just me being so slothful and not physically conscious. Maybe I don’t have the time? or am I being too lazy to do manual exercises? I don’t care if I have these overlapping fats in my tummy. I don’t care if I have the chubby cheeks or the double chin. I don’t care if I don’t have a well-shaped body. BUT, I think it’s time for me to be physically conscious and fit. Well, I must.

16. Fully furnished house. This is a dream of mine for my family. I want to live a more comfortable life. I dream of renovating our house to something more comfortable to live at. Just simple but fully furnished house would suffice.

17. Teeth braces. I have these ugly sungking ngipin with me and I get so conscious of it everytime I smile. I get so paranoid that people might be staring at my teeth when I get to talk to them instead of looking at my beautiful face. HAHAHA.

18. Eye laser. Mind you, I have a very vague vision. As in kasing labo ng relasyon namin. Hahaha chos lang! 500 na yung grado ng mata ko. And it kills! I started wearing my eyeglasses since I was in my third year in high school; also I wear contact lenses and it’s sorta hassle to do. Yeah, it sucks! I want to bring back my 20/20 vision.

19. Pet a dog. Syberian Husky, please. I wanna try how it feels to be a mommy of a dog. I am not fond of pets, honestly. We have cats and a dog (before) but I am not close with them. Now, I think having a dog is a very good idea. Think I’ll be responsible as a person as I must be the one in charge of taking (good) care of them.

20. Publish a book. I dunno how to. I am not that good writer. If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, you’ll see that I am not this good when it comes to writing. Well, I love writing, truth be told. But I am not this excellent to put my thoughts into words, syntax my compositions and all. But I want to publish a book. The genre? Hmm. Anything I am inclined to, maybe? Still thinking of it. L O A D I N G . . .

21. Be a guest speaker. Sosyal tingan e, VIP. lol. I always look up to this thing. Guest speakers are treated as if they are really VIP’s and I want to know how does it feel to be like them in an event. I want to share how my life went (if ever there are something beautiful that had happened to me) to students of my high school Alma Matter. I want to share inspirations to my fellow youth and I want to see myself grow, look at my yester-years and share what I have learned in life to others in one of the most special days in their lives–commencement exercises.

So there! They are just few of the things I want to pursue/experience/achieve. If you happen to know me, they might be a single percent of those in my bucket list. You may help me achieve these all. he.he. Just send me a personal message and I will be one of those luckiest and honored to have you and be part of my mini-bucket list. 😀 Ciao!

PS. 22. Sablay. I want to graduate na. As in now na! So I can apply for a job and I won’t be a palamunin anymore. Haha. Nope, scratch it. Mag-aasawa nga pala ako ng prinsipe. Hahaha.


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