A Wallow in Nostalgia

I do not know why I feel so nostalgic today. Minsan nag-iinarte lang talaga. I feel like I must look back to what I’ve gone through so I can better see and evaluate my present self to the point that I’ll clearly envision the best of me in the future. Well, if that’s possible to happen. They say, your past is a part and parcel of your present and definitely of the future you’ll gonna have.

I am a 90’s baby ( Hello to my batchmates!). Was born on 1995. August 16, 1995 to be exact. Gaah! Yes, I’m getting old. And it sucks! But yeah, I am proud I was born that time. (As if I have a choice). I am twenty now and I had TOO MANY beautiful memories during my childhood days, must I say. As in, sobrang dami. Karamihan epic moments. And I am so thankful I had all those fond memories which contributed so much to what and who I am today. Very refreshing it is to once again look back at the different memories now stocked in random corners of my mind.. memories that will forever be treasured even if I grow old.

Tama na ang drama. I want to share to you guys, how my childhood went. Well, that is if you’re interested. But if not, you can just close this tab, go on with your life and eat kamote. But to those interested, I hope you can still relate with me even if you’re not my batchmate. I mean, our ages are relatively far.

I was once a simple kid. As simple as those kids you can see in your community. In the rural and urban places across the country. The playground was once my favorite hangout places. My best buddies were my playmates and friends. And the best relaxation I know is to play and play and play. Here’s some of the things I do during those beautiful years.

Educational shows. (Naks!)




Trying hard to create arts.

hqdefault (1)


I’d rather watch the history on TV than read them from the books.


It might not seem obvious, but believe me, I  watched ’em all. Not because I am forced to by someone. (Excuse me, I was never coerced) But I enjoyed watching these shows aired in ABS-CBN sometime in early 2000’s. They’re not just educational shows per se. But the ways they were taught were really enjoyable and fun. Natututo ka na, nag-eenjoy ka pa. If you happened to have a kid/s already, I strongly suggest you let them watch such kind of shows. I promise, it is not only the learning and knowledge that they’ll owe, but the fun and excitement they’ll get upon watching the shows.

My favorite among all these presented is Wansapanataym. Well, it is still being aired in ABS-CBN during Sunday evening (not particular of the time slot). The show aims to portray good values among kiddos and influence them to be a more well-rounded individuals someday. The goal today is still the same. However, the way it was presented before was more amusing and exciting. There was only a single episode every Sunday, unlike now, Wansapanataym seems to be a series. It would take months before ending a story. I think, this is somehow boring to kids, if they happened to skip an episode, they’ll find it a bit hard to understand the succeeding episodes. But yeah, this is life. Cope with the changes.

When I was young, I always look forward to Sundays. 7pm to be exact. This was the time slot Wansapanataym was being aired. Actually, I have too many favorite episodes but what stood out were Isa, Dalawa, Tatlo and Cora Burara. Oh di ba, tanda ko pa talaga. You can find copies na lang of it on line.It amuses me to see magic. This could be one of the major influences why I want to know a magic trick. I once believed in fairies, demons, angels, tikbalang, aswang, kapre, manananggal and all other creatures. I believed in a genie and the three wishes. I remember, I said to myself, if my genie would come to my life after having found the magical lamp, I’ll wish of (1) unlimited foods; (2) no morning classes; (3) three more wishes to come true. Guess I was so witty on my last wish. 😀 I even believed that a carpet can let me fly. I even tried it at home! Seriously! But I felt so disappointed after having found out that the carpets cannot really make me fly. Ganito talaga siguro, pinapaasa ako.  I also believed in magic spells. Kaya siguro witch ang peg ko ngayon. You think? I remember, I was always making fun of my sister. I’m gonna point and wave her a stick [my magic wand] and I’ll say..  Isbrikitum, shanzum, abracadabra (*insert imbento words here*) Maging palaka ka! or maging rabbit ka! (with matching sound effects) Shiiiing! See how bitch I was? Yup, I know. But in turn, I believed I might transform into a rabbit if ever I’ll do something bad to others. And I feared it. E ang bait ko kaya so never ako nag-transform! I do not know why but until now, I still believe in magic. Ganito talaga ako, naniniwala kahit alam kong niloloko lang naman ako. 

I loved this show, I cannot imagine my childhood life without this. But I get so broken everytime the episode ends, it means, it’s Monday tomorrow and I need to sleep already. </3 To those who know Wansapanataym, here’s the theme song we’re all familiar with so you can feel the nostalgia in you again.

Nakaka-LSS, di ba?



Like any other kids out there, I also love watching cartoons.Until now. My favorites back then were Tom and Jerry, Waltz Disney Princesses, Spongebob Squarepants, Winx Club and Sailormoon. 


My father used to buy us (me and my sister) CD’s/VCD’s/DVD’s of Tom and Jerry everytime we’ll go out. And we’ll watch it immediately when we arrive home. As in agad-agad. We even borrow some CD’s from our cousins from Lipa, (Warren and Tricia) so we could watch a number of episodes. Just this afternoon, out of boredom, I watched several Tom and Jerry episodes and it made me feel nostalgic again, knowing that this one’s one of my all-time favorite! The fun I get after seeing these two is really priceless. Ganito talaga ako, mahilig balik-balikan lahat ng nagpasaya sa’kin. Nothing would ever replace Tom and Jerry in my heart!


Disney Princesses

They’re oh too lovely to look at, aren’t they?  They’re all ALLURING, STUNNING (*insert all dyosa words/adjectives here*) I am still a fan, up until now. I guess, every girl dreamt of being a princess. Admittedly, I am/was one of them. I dreamt of having my own mansion, prowess, elegant gown, crown and of course– a dashing prince. Maaga talaga akong naniwala sa konsepto ng prinsipe. Yun, maaga ding nawala. Haha. 


Winx Club

I wish you know them too. (L-R) Musa, Stella, Flora, Bloom, Aisha, Tecna. These beautiful gals have different kinds of power. My favorite among them is Flora. She has the power to command the flowers, the plants, the vines. Plus, she’s really beautiful when she uses such power. Isn’t it wonderful to have such sexy girl friends with you having different kinds of prowess? Oh, I hope I and my friends would be like this! lol


Spongebob Squarepants

Every 90’s baby would know this. Even until now, the kiddies of generation Z are still inclined to this. I’ll suppose they know Spongebob, at least. Up until today, if time and chances permit, I watch this cartoon. 😀  I love how Spongebob laughs; I love how Patrick cares even if he’s sometimes insane and gullible; I love how Squidward is being annoyed; I love how Mr. Crabs put the highest value to every single cent. I LOVE THE CHARACTERS. They just radiate positive vibrations to everyone. Pwede bang ilagay ko na din sila sa bulsa para mahawaan ako? But yep, these guys are one of the best!


“Ako si Sailormoon! Ang magandang tagapaglaban ng pag-ibig at katarungan. Parurusahan ko ang kalaban sa ngalan ng buwan!”  -Sailormoon (Usagi)

Oh di ba, saulo ko!? Ako kasi talaga si Usagi. But I hope you know them as well. They’re my favorite! Lahat na lang favorite ko. Ganyan talaga ako, madaling ma-please. I’ve watched them before, every Saturday I guess. I even have too many arguments with my father cause he always would want to watch news (TV Patrol) but I want to watch Sailormoon instead. I also asked our former neighbor (Zenrick’s Tita) to draw me these pretty girls. And I felt so bad when I lost the drawing. I do not know where did I put that. The heck! Madami talagang bagay ang nawawala sa akin nang bigla-bigla.

Video games.


Super Mario

Try playing this one. It’s so enjoyable! I have reached the princess in the castle.  Sana may Mario din na magliligtas sa buhay ko, ano?

maxresdefault (1)

Lode Runner

If this one’s still downloadable, try playing it. It was also one of those that I love.




They say, you never enjoyed your childhood days if you don’t know how to ride a bike. So I feel so bad for my bestfriend Sharlene, she doesn’t know how to. Haha. My father used to by me a bike (which is still in our storage corner). Actually, he bought me and my sister Aan a bike. I named my bike Rakishi and Aan named hers… uhm, I don’t know. Wala yata pangalan. I learned how to ride a bike when I was.. uhmm 8? My father was the one to teach me how to. He’s the best. I and my sister used to ride a bike together. Pero sa basketball court nga lang near our house. Tatay would not allow us to go along the street to bike. Sad life. But even if Tatay was not around, I never rode a bike along the street, the same thing went with my sister. I was once this obedient!

But there is this one day in my life na pinagsisihan ko nang sobra. As in, much regrets! I was with my elementary classmates/friends/playmates on a Saturday playing somewhere. One of them (Allen) brought his bike with him. I got so curious to try it since that was a bit bigger than my bike. So I tried riding on it on the street. I felt I was a big girl already and I can ride his a-bit-bigger-than-mine bike. Then.. PLANGAKKKKK! I fell off. Nagsemplang ako sa bike! As in sobrang semplang! My arm bones got dislocated and the pain lasted for weeks. I felt so hopeless that time. I thought my arms will gonna get cut off and I wouldn’t have my right arms with me anymore. Huhu. Di pa naman ako kaliwete. It was one of the most atrocious mistakes I have done in my life! I regret not listening to Tatay that time. I should’ve not ridden someone else’s bike. I should’ve just used my Rakishi instead. And I should’ve not ridden a bike along the street. Naah.. Ganito talaga ako, matigas ang ulo kaya nasasaktan.


Paper dolls

Never had a day gone by, during my elementary years, that I did not buy a paper doll on a store just across the school. Every paper doll has candies attached to it. See? You get the paper doll, plus you have those sweet candies with you. I spared some of my baon to buy some and I will then compare mine with my friends. But like any other toys I’ve had, they all got tortured, ruined, destroyed and eventually vanished. Hindi ko ba sila inalagaan o sila lang talaga itong napakarupok?



Looking for sweets? Look for him. He’s sweet to every girl he met. Char! Look for these candies.

Physical games.

In the face of children today playing with their iPad, tablets, smart phones and other gadgets, I played physical games. Games that involve the physical self (of course), socializing with other children and not only mind gaming. I wish the kids of today would still play in the playgrounds, get along with other happy kiddos and all. I hope they just don’t get stocked in their rooms playing with their gadgets. They need physical activities still.

I played Chinese garter, jackstone, teks (text?), father-mother, piko, hide and seek, and many more! During my elementary years, I and my classmates/schoolmates would play first before attending the class. We get to go to school much early just to play before the class starts. No wonder why we’re always that sweaty attending to classes. #DugyotDays Hi to my childhood friends!

I loved jumping through the garter, it feels like I am empowered (?) when I make it to 100 perfectly. I was also good at playing jackstones.  I can make it to the last level. Oha! I used to collect teks, I had tons of them in shoeboxes. My playmates here were relatively my boy classmates. Mother-father, FYI, is a game on a stair. Each step is labelled as father-mother-brother-sister-HOME. All you have to do is to jump off the step the taya is asking. Then you’ll go up with out the taya touching you so you can be saved. The stairs we used were the stairs of the stage. Luckily, I didn’t have any fracture from jumping off. Alam ko kasing may sasalong step sa akin kapag na-fall ako. Hmm, what else? I also loved piko! There I was having the chance to have something of my own. Whenever I get to have a bahay/sunog, I felt that I was a territorial person. Finally, may maituturing na akong pagmamay-ari, yung akin lang talaga. Hide and seek was also one of my happiness. I used to play this with my playmates, my classmates and my cousins. I loved it when it’s weekend. Meaning, I can now have the time to play with my cousins again. We loved playing hide and seek. And I believe this was my forte. (?) haha. I know where to hide and I know where to find them. Magaling kasi talaga ako magtago.. kahit feelings. 


Favorite cologne


Tried this with my friends. For you to know, you will just write your full name and your crush’s name on a paper and you’ll gonna cancel out all the same letters in your name and his/hers. Then you count all the letters that were left along with F-L-A-M-E-S.Then see what are you meant with each other. F= friends; L= lovers; A=angry with each one; M=married, you’ll gonna get married; E=engaged; S=sweet. I was so believing that someone’s destined to be mine so I was looking for him. Haha. I tried putting our name and testing it with FLAMES, but wala e. Friends yung lumabas. And yes, we’re friends until now!

Meteor Garden.

hqdefault (2)

Sino ba namang hindi kinilig dito? Kasi ako, sobrang OO. Define! This was replayed after 10 years and I still felt the same feeling as I had back then. One of the most nakakakilig series I know. My afternoon is never complete without this! I always look forward to 4 o’clock in the afternoon so I can watch it na. Trully, one of the books!


Dao Min Si-Mei Zuo-San Chai-Xi Men-Lei (not sure of the spelling)


Because we’re supposed to be like that.


Meet my husband, Dao Ming Si (Jerry Yan)

I will forever love Dao Ming Si. I was really fascinated by his charming looks, his humor, his “ninja moves” and the way he treats girls especially San Chai. Naaah! I’m always falling in love with this man. If you guys are bored and you’re thinking of a series/movie/whatsoever, I highly recommend you go for this one. I won’t spoil this in case you’d want to go marathon. If you’re not a 90’s baby, you must watch this. (PS. not a K-Pop fan here)

Playing in the rain.


I love the sound of rain. I love when every raindrop touches the roof. I love it when the coldness starts to creep in. I love it when the water touches my body. The rain is undeniably one of the most wonderful things God has ever created. I love taking a bath and playing in the rain with Aan and some of my cousins. One of the best things to do on Earth!

These are the things and memories I will forever look back as I grow up  old. Ooopsie! growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. These are the things that will forever be stocked at random corners of my mind.. things that I miss.. things that I want to bring back. Memories may keep popping but nothing can be changed. Time flew that fast. Time has just veered away from those wonderful years. Couldn’t imagine it’s been too many years ago. Guess it’s time to bid goodbye to the childhood days and playful years (Lakas maka-debut). But no matter what, ALL those fond memories will be kept inside me, in my heart and will forever be a building-material of the strongest foundation I have currently. I wish I could turn back the time and be in this moment where life doesn’t stresses me yet; days are going too good for me and things are as smooth as they can ever be. Hayyyys!

Big HELLO and shoutout to my childhood friends and playmates! I miss being with you, guys! I hope we can get to see each other again one time. I had the best childhood days with you. We’re grown ups already today and we have different lives now. Yay, cheers! I never had the chance to say thank you to you all, but if you’re happening to read this, THANK YOU for making my childhood days colorful and awesome and complete! I miss you, mga kalaro! 🙂

Having a few little glimpse of  my yester-years, casting my mind to these crazy beautiful days, there I’ll say.. I had again a wallow in nostalgia.



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