Welcome to the real world, self!

“You may start on June 22, that’s a Wednesday…”

Happy 1st day to me! It’s my first day of internship. Yeap, the struggle is so real. The time has come for the real world to entrench upon me. And I am overwhelmingly excited to know what’s gonna happen with my shitty life for the next few days and weeks. Here’s a blog entry of how my day went being at the company as their intern.

I chose MARIWASA Siam Ceramics Inc.- Batangas as the agency where I’ll do my practicum for at least 240 hours. One day down so I’ve got 232 hours left. Mahaba-haba pang lakbayin! I was a scholar of ’em few years back and I want to render my service to the company as a sign of my gratitude. (For more priceless moments with SCG, you may check another blog entry of yours trully here.)

I din’t feel any nervousness or anxiety upon knowing that today would be different. I didn’t feel the butterflies in my stomach stumbling and murmuring. I just felt like I am going to get to classes and I should dress up well. Not too being much confident on myself but the fact that I will be meeting familiar persons would be an exciting thing to do. But no matter how blithe I was that time, I still felt strange. Like I am starting a whole new world again. It’s back to zero once more.

I was oriented before, and I think I have a little background of what I should be doing in the office. But lemme share this. I honestly don’t feel comfortable wearing office attires and any formal/semi-formal OOTD’s. Rather, I am good at wearing shorts, T-shirt or see-thru’s, and slippers/flats. Just my usual get-up when I am going to my classes. But y’know, conformity is a must!

Tatay Unyor drove me to the company and I arrived before 8 o’clock. I even waited for the analogue clock to reach exactly 8 so I can be accommodated inside the Human Resource office. Sadly, I have to surrender my cellphone to Manong Guard, I have to conform with their policy. I was issued a card numbered “16” so I can get my phone back later. 16 is ever significant to me! I was about to report to Sir AJ, one of the corporate HR officers of the company. He undoubtedly accepted my application right before I went there. I don’t know what seemed to be my edge: Was it because I am a UP kid? Or was it because I was their scholar before? Eitherway, the fact that I am now here at their company is a pleasure and an honor. Thank you for the trust, Sir AJ! He then oriented me and introduced me to the bosses, to the management team, to human resource team and to everyone whom I might have an encounter with. As he was orienting me, I [again] saw– for the longest time– previous “bosses” and at the same time, friends of mine since high school. Sir Gilbert, Sir Radmar, Mam Eva and Mam Angel. This i’ts-good-to-be-back feeling drove me to thinking that they accept me with loving and open arms.. that they want me to be part of the company and they are enthusiastic about it. Uh, I’ve met the President of the company too! He’s a Thai and forgive me, I forgot his name. What would you expect to someone who has the difficulty remembering faces and names of people especially if it’s not a Filipino or English name? But yes, shame on me. *slap on the face*

I was with two other interns, Aina and Iya, BS Psychology students from FAITH (First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities) in Tanauan. They are both nice and I had an easy way of befriending them. Yes, we’re now friends! 🙂  They were accompanying me anywhere and they were my buddies during our lunch. The meals are subsidized Php25 so we’ll get to pay the excess fees. Truth be told, I am not used to eating my lunch this early 12noon. I am now used to waking up at 9am, the latest and eating my lunch at around or passed 2pm. And having a completely messed up body clock is a pain in the arse! I need to change it by now. I have to be a morning person and not a nocturnal owl anymore. Gaaaah! Going back, the two fellow interns were also teaching me how to do things like photocopying, scanning and all. Sadly (and too bad for me), they are about to leave on the 29th. These two are about to enroll for the next semester. Meaning, I’m gonna stand on my own feet again. I would have no fellow interns with me. I must do all my works alone. Well, you’d know I am used to be on myself. At the back of my mind, I thought, the other employees would daunt me so I’ll be intimidated all the friggin’ time. I thought I’m gonna be subservient of them most of the time. But I was completely wrong. They’re all good and accommodating! And I know, the employees would help me strive for my best and would contribute much to make me a more well-rounded student and a person. I had heaps of fun with the team on the very first day. THEY’RE ALL SO NICE! 🙂

Sir AJ lent me how my OJT would go and what outputs he will be expecting at the end of my practicum. I was assigned to the CSR (Committee on Social Responsibility). He wants me to conduct a research/study on how VICTORY (a religious service done to Christians/Born Again and even to Catholics) can be implemented inside MARIWASA so people who have the strong faith in God would have a sanctuary where they can worship God even if they are busy on their works. He wants to me to construct the questionnaires, survey random employees and agencies and analyze the data statistically (Woah, Stat!). I am cognizant of statistics (had taken two stats: Elementary and stat for the social sciences, ohha!) but not this virtuoso of it. Sakto lang! Kumbaga, pumapasa lang. Haha. I found Sir AJ’s idea/concept very interesting. Actually, I am a co-author of a research done by our team in one of our major courses, SOC 192 (Introduction to Qualitative Research). We observed the behavior of people adhering deeply with the religious service in Victory Los Baños and how they are being grounded to such kind of activity. Having a little background of the study, I somehow know how the service goes and at least I am not a blank space in the said religious service. However, I found Sir AJ’s research interest VERY CHALLENGING. Well, I have all the resources that I need. I have all the time to do this. But doing a research that aims to further enhance and develop the company’s employees with regards to their spiritual well-being is not that easy. I am used to doing many kinds of research–qualitative, quantitative, evaluative– but this one is a challenge. It is not anymore myself who will benefit from the study alone but the company which expects so much from me.. from my so-to-be study.

giphy (6)

Snippet of the day: Ngayon lang nalaman ni Sir AJ ang konsepto ng “hell week“. Thanks to myself! lol 😀

Furthermore, Sir Gilbert also has oriented me on the different social activities they have and how and what can I do for this. I was excited for these activities to be done! This is where I am inclined at and this is where my heart resides (?). We will be interviewing future scholars of Mariwasa; will be having a Turn-Over Ceremony again and I was invited to be the guest speaker for the second time. It felt soooooo good! You know me, I have a stage fright and speaking in front of a public is a chasm that swells and envelopes me. But sharing the things I’ve learned in life (if any, lol) and inspiring youth to dream, believe and pursue, (even if it means standing before a crowd) would be an honor which I know would bring simple joys to my heart.

Other programs like Gawad Kalinga, Feeding programs to public elementary schools, dental and medical missions, blood donation (one of my wildest dreams) and others are also of those that make me much excited to do my internship. I love rendering public service to people. I want to share simple gifts, simple things that will bring much happiness and benefits to people in a society. Service and volunteerism is one of the best and priceless gifts one can ever give to groups of people. Not monetary amounts, just a pure heart. Plus, Sir Gilbert asked me to present to him if ever I can design a social program that can benefit communities in Sto. Tomas. It was again a challenge. However, I’ll do the best that I can to work on this.

Feeling a bit pressured and doubtful, I have to rely on myself. Literally and figuratively. I have to build my flair skills and abilities, munch an ounce of self-confidence and be as professional as I can be. I know, I need these kind of challenges for me to grow. I need to go far, not only physically but intellectually as well. Cause only those who would take the risk going too far can possibly determine how far they can go. And my journey towards success is just a few steps I away. As a proverb would say, “A journey begins with a single step”. Ces’t la vie!

I am uncertain if I can do this successfully. But how will I know if I wouldn’t try? How can I grow if I am always intimidated by people around? I know I have to wake up the sleeping capabilities in me and I am blessed with such knowledge and skills. And God would spare me the necessary wisdom that I need. I know, I have something [more] to show. I have something yet to be discovered. I am SOMEONE… tabula rasa no more! Things wouldn’t be easy but they will eventually fall perfectly on me and I’ll realize that all these things are worth it– worth the time, effort, stamina. Worth the wait.

It’s time for me to step out of my comfort zone, step forward and learn. There are too many things in the industrial world I have to indulge with. I need to be more mature and accept things more profoundly. It’s time for me to look at the more positive side of the world and stop agonizing the pain life may bestow upon me. Things are always inevitable and I must be accustomed to changes. I must let optimism creep over me. Should let a positive glow percolate around me as well. I have to let my fists be closed which indicates virile spirit. I have to make stark yet sound decisions in life. I must accept any kind of denigration positively to help myself grow. I HAVE TO KEEP MYSELF MOVING FORWARD.

I got home with a smile. Seeing my Daily Time Record again, I’ve said to myself, “naka-eight hours ka na.. konting kembot at tumbling na lang!” :D 8am to 5pm completed! F-to the effin’-yeah! Malapit-lapit na ako sa katotohanan ng buhay though hindi pa ako kabilang sa lakas paggawa. Seriously speaking, I’ve got a looooong march forward towards success.. long but definitely worth it.


First DTR

Challenge accepted. this is life. Welcome to the real world, self! Congratulations on your first day. Cheers for the succeeding best days of your life! 🙂

PS. No more photos to show since my phone was with Manong Guard. Too sad. And having no cellphone for about 9 long hours makes me insane. Kahit naman wala yun madalas load at umaasa lang ako sa Chikka Messenger, na-miss ko pa rin sya.

PSS. Pero okay lang, minsan kailangan nating mapalayo sa mga bagay na mahal natin para ma-realize natin kung gaano sila kahalaga. Chos lang! #HugotMulaSaCellphone

#RoadToSablay    #RoadToSuccess



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