Imperfect timing

Just as the night casts its shadows, the heart finds its tranquility…

The music was loud, pleasing to thy ears
Closed were the eyes, streaming down the tears
Mind was scattered randomly in sheer
Handling this feeling obtained from my fear

Nobody would understand, just kept it to myself
Still holding on to something, to what’s only left
Done more than I can to have you with me
Yet didn’t make it without any plea

Maybe, to you, I did not give the best of my shot
I might have settled for less– to you, I let my world stop
I was always dreaming of you since we started to know each one
I thought, this time, sure thing you’ll be mine

Unleashing the ghost of fear residing inside of me
I let the courage creep over for me to see
And when I opened my eyes, you’ve already veered away
And there’s no other way; acceptance is all I can say

I thought it’s now our time to bid goodbye to the old memory
As we envision another chapter of our endless journey
I prepared myself so much so I could now be ready
And when I moved close to you, you walked away from me

Devastating it is to see you incrementally go
That my engine of motivation in all that I do is you
That the time I asked from you before has seemed expired
In patiently waiting, your heart must’ve gone so tired
But if it’s not yet the time for us to be together, I’ll again wait
Until the path we have to walk on go perfectly straight
You’ve done such thing before and it’s time for me to reciprocate
And if that time comes, my love and my everything, to you, I’ll dedicate

And when the timing is right, I promise not to let you go.


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