Sunday Serenade |02


  1. 7 years  Lucas Graham
  2. Superheroes  The Script
  3. All of the Stars  Ed Sheeran
  4. In My Place  Coldplay
  5. Somewhere Only We Know  Keane
  6. Hall of Fame  The Script
  7. Closing Time  Semisonic
  8. If  Rivermaya
  9. The Scientist  Coldplay
  10. If You Could See Me Now  The Script
  11. Won’t Go Home Without You  Maroon 5
  12. For the First Time  The Script
  13. She Will Be Loved  Maroon 5
  14. If You Ever Come Back  The Script
  15. A Sky Full of Stars  Coldplay
  16. Here Without You  3 Doors Down
  17. Far Away  Nickel Back
  18. Mirrors  Justin Timberlake

Rock-y nang very very light. I find drum beats really fascinating to thy ears. Plus, the lyrics of each song can be felt so much deep in the heart. How’s your day goin’ on? Hope it’s fine and productive as well. Or, you can take all the rest that you need since tomorrow’s a Monday and it’s gonna be a week of productivity again. But anyways, hope you’re enjoying your day. Happy Sunday, everyone! God speed. 🙂

giphy (7)


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