Till We See Each Other Again

Reality has just sunk in to me. Never a virtual one anymore. Looking at your photos taken last Saturday (June 25th) has made me feel too many emotions.. mixed emotions. I just can’t believe this is happening to you today  these days. You are closely inching yourself to what you’ve ever wanted to become.

I am proud you’ve graduated with Latin honors. Even without, I still am. You deserve the Laude beside your name. I know how much you persevered and aimed real high for this. Those sleepless nights, stressful days and the many, many things you’ve devoured yourself into has just paid off! Your journey was a roller hella coast of a ride. Life has tormented you in all the possible ways. But then, all your sacrifices are all worth it. You are someone as brave as what a person should be. I couldn’t be any happier for you. You’re getting closer to your wildest dreams and I will still be here for you anytime you needed support.

Your family, [as what I’ve seen in your uploads] is SO MUCH PROUD of you, too. Who wouldn’t? They have a child ever so blessed with a charming face and attractive physical features (naks!), intelligent mind, a good heart and a brave soul. You’ve always been telling me that everything you do is for your family. And I admire you for that even more. You’re a treasure the rest of your clan would always take much care of. You’re their biggest pride!

As I was always saying to you before, “You’ve got it all..” You might seem not believing in me; but I’m telling you, that’s a fact. I am sincere when I say so, and you can see it through my eyes. Genuinely coming from this girl you once shook your hands with on the very first day you met. You introduced yourself and I just answered you timidly. But yeap, you look at the mirror and you’ll see a reflection of how good is our God. You are blessing to me.

I am here for you beyond the shade of gray area we have between us. I know, you’re leaving without any clarifications from me. Mean, you’re about to leave the university without making things clear up to me. You know already what this is. Sorry if I do not want to talk about it everytime you initiate asking me that. I sometimes usually always divert my attention to something else just to escape those kinds of deep conversations. I just do not want to wallow on things as such.

But thank you for EVERYTHING. Thank you for supporting me in all my endeavors in life. Thank you for staying by my side when the world is almost turning down on me. Thank you for listening to all my everyday non-sense rants. I cannot enumerate it all. So, for each little thing that you do, THANK YOU! You’ve been so good through all these years [despite all my woes] and I am very fortunate to having found a person like you in the widest university in the country.

I am sorry for having not attended your special day. I just don’t know what to say. I don’t know how would I feel. You know what I mean. But that doesn’t mean that I am not supportive of you. I am, even if at times I don’t let it show. You mean so much to me. Seriously.

I know, you’re reading this. And I can’t imagine your reaction so far. But it’s not only you who can read from this. So I cannot tell you all that I need to say– things that I should’ve told you before when we both have the time to see one another physically. But yeah, I just want to congratulate you on your success… and the incoming success ahead of you. You deserve everything you have now. I assure you, you trully do. Best of luck in all the things you are pursuing and about to pursue. May you follow all your heart’s desires and your plans in life. And when the time comes (sure of it) that all your dreams have just turned into reality, I will always be that ‘someone’ cheering out loud for you.

I’ll be staying on the same ground where our own worlds collided. And you are about to leave and meet a more complex world outside. In some other time, I’ll be stepping out of this comfort zone and see the same reality too. Dear, the real world is so big and there are so many opportunities waiting for you outside. We’d never know if we’ll have the same fate in the years to come.. if we’ll gonna see each other once more. And if the perfect time comes that our roads shall meet again; and things would be different for the both of us, I’ll be glad to once again shake my hands with you and say: “Hi, I’m Mhae. Batch eleven. And you are?”

Congratulations! I am proud of you. Always.


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