TGIF! Dinner with the Bosses

It was a Friday full of fun. I had a fine dinner with my bosses at King Lok, a Chinese restaurant at Liana’s supermarket. It was Miss May’s farewell party to the whole Corporate Human Resource (CHR) family of Mariwasa-Batangas. Miss May Balalad, by the way, is the head of the CHR (if I haven’t mistaken) or someone parallel to this. She has invited– through Sir Radmar– all the officers of CHR and staffs and even the sanitary engineers and drivers in a dinner as her despedida. Everyone in the team was present except Sir AJ who was not there for a reason I do not know. lol.


There was a video presentation done by Sir Jomar as a tribute to Mam May. You can see in the photos that she was a very good boss of them and has the excellent people skills especially when dealing about her employees, who turned to be my bosses these days. 🙂 While we were waiting for the foods to be served, Sir Radmar, who stood to be the emcee of the little ‘program’ lent all the employees the microphone as they give their farewell message to Madam May. There were these heartfelt and very genuine messages bestowed by my bosses to her. Some even shed a tear as they speak. And you can feel the sincerity in their every single word. Coming straight like a bullet  from their hearts. Yung tipong wala talagang halong echos.








Afterwhich, the dinner was served. The foods all taste good. Made my tummy overwhelmed. lol. It was actually my first time at King Lok. I am not a fan of Chinese foods. Korean spicy foods, maybe along with other Filipino delicacies. But Chinese foods don’t attract me then, not until I had this dinner. Foods were really, really awesome! They [again] made my diet messed up. 😀


I do not personally know Miss May. I haven’t got the chance to know her as a boss. But I have known from my bosses/her employees that they all sang when Mam May interviewed them as they applied for their positions. Ang funny di ba? Having such kind of a boss would really be cool. As I listen to her as she delivers her message to everyone, I was impressed. She’s a very classy woman. She has the charisma that made her employees remain loyal to the company for so many years. She’s 55 and seemed learned so much in life. She shared so many inspiring words to us. One of my faves was her message on following your heart wherever it goes. Follow your heart’s desires. Life is about enjoying! Mean, you only live once (yes, YOLO) and you’re ought to make your life valuable and happy. Make the most out of life. Everything happens as a product of your choice. True indeed. This is something people take for granted but is worth making some reflections of.



She, by the way, is a graduate of a course related to animal sciences but paved her way to human resources. Two quite far disciplines, yes. But she did not feel any exploitation on her part as a human resource officer. This is an evidence that the discipline that has been your life for four years (or so) in college doesn’t only go within its four corners. It goes beyond, more of boundless horizons. We should not only learn from the discipline and interests alone that we pursue. Part of growing up is going beyond the fences and learning much things from it. Life is about explorations. There are so many things you ain’t discover yet. Go, and indulge yourself to peculiar matters. C’est la vie!

Perhaps, it’s now time for Miss May to bid goodbye to the corporate world. However, there is another world that she needs to venture at– the world within her home. It’s not about spending the rest of your life in the office. It’s about paying attention to some other aspects of our lives. She’s open to this and her life is full of inspirations. And I am so pleased and so much glad having known her, even for that night.

I am grateful to the human resource officers of Mariwasa. These amazing people I use to get along with during 8am to 5pm of Mondays to Fridays of my life nowadays are really awesome! They’re the kind of people whom I did not find it hard to be with. I can now easily express myself.. from the timid and shy girl they knew on my first days to someone incrementally showing herself. It’s been a week already since I worked as an intern in the company. Yes, one week. But I find it now already comfortable working with them.. each of them, actually. They are all nice, both as an individual and as a team. All are intelligent in all their respective areas/positions. (Ehem! Uno 😀 ) I know I have lot of things and lessons to be learned from them.  They’ll gonna teach me lots of things in life which would contribute so much for me to grow as an individual. I am looking forward for more glowing days with these CHR-MSCI officers.







Di pa po ako prepared eh, ano ba? 😀





They’re not just bosses per sé to me. They’re more of friends to me. And even, a FAMILY to me. It’s not only just the three-unit course of practicum that makes me motivated each day, but the good company and friendship I see from these amazing people.

Ngayon pa lang, nagpapasalamat na po ako. 🙂

Disclaimer: None of the photos are mine. Credits to *drum rolls* … Mam Eva and Sir Joms!


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