Crystal Clear

Too many tongues blatantly speaking rumors around
Too many ears list’ning to the librato of the digging sound
Those eyes that figuratively put you at the center
Those minds that think you’re the worst person ever

They say you don’t deserve to be casted at the pedestal
For ’em, you have never really been an exemplar
That you’ve never done something good to yourself
From your darkest world, you can never really escape

You’re being compared to the thousand others out there
People think, they are always those obviously much better
You’re good for nothing; you’re a pain in the ass
Words slack off of you yet you struggle to surpass

I am opposed to every word and everything that they say
You’re one of a kind, and I see this each day
You’ve got a good heart and the eyes that glare
To you I cannot resist, can’t help but stare

I see the more positive side of yours no matter what
I strongly believe in you, in case you forgot
You’re such a good person behind your darkest side
The wholeness of yours, I do heartily abide

Despite of all the toxic words they throw upon you
I am still not affected, just as you know
You may not be the person they expect you to be
But there’s your other side, I hope they’d see

At the bottom line, the most important person here is you
Just believe in yourself—deed you must do
The world may judge you in the worst way that they can
But you don’t have to say a word, don’t have to explain

Too many tongues, but the sweetest is yours
Too many ears, but the clearest to hear are your words
Those eyes of you which glimmer on your positive glow
And the optimist mind that thinks brightly through,



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