Fly on the wall

Deep inside my heart, I know that you’re too impossible. Definitely out of my reach. You are like the sun that shines upon the great canvass of the skies, I am nothing more than a creature of the land irrelevant– meaningless and insignificant. So small that I would be blinded if I dared to look at your ethereal beauty. Your charm that captures my heart is really irresistable, alluring to thy eyes.

I cannot begin to fathom the intricate gleam I see on you. Clueless of how am I this attracted to a guy like you. Your features, every line on your face, every fiber, every curve, I try to memorize them all so I can picture them out all through my imagination. You’re all I can see in the midst of the darkness when I close my eyes. I am loving the sound of your voice, your soft-spoken words. I love listening to you when you sing; staring at you when you speak. You are someone who brightens up my day. I can’t stop nor control this admiration of mine to you. I do not know why it’s you. I don’t know why am I being like this. I don’t know why I see you like such. I just.. nahh. I don’t know! I always got on top of my head these endless why’sย and the cold reality ofย ‘because’.

You’re a person near to perfection. Really. Intelligent, classy, responsible, always positive and all. Well, you’re not. I guess am sure. But I always look up to you. You’re a person I bow my head down. Not because of your achievements alone but the way you present yourself to others as well. Your personality makes up your best part. This is how I see you. This is how I perceive you as a person. We may know each other. Yes, you may know me. But not the whole lot of me. Not my story. I was a broken piece of glass, shattered and thrown. And anyone who has ever lived through an ending that ruptured and pierced their soul will feel this acutely. Devastated. And you are the bare soft hands–chaste and innocent–who can lift up all the broken pieces and eyes closed. I don’t want you to get wounded so might as well you just ignore me reluctantly. Worry less, I’d completely understand.

giphy (2)

I am nothing to someone as good as you. I may not have proven something yet, unlike you. You got too many things to show. But yeah, I am vividly seeing this kind of harsh reality. In a world of billion creatures, we get to interact with a lot of people. You might never notice me. You might never notice this at all. I know you can never be mine. But thank you. Thank you for making me inspired.


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