New Hairdo



Shout out to one blessed Sunday again! How’s your day, guys? Hope you had fun enjoying your day of rest (I would suppose). Have you been to Church or spent the rest of your day with your family? I hope.

My Sunday was a bit good, though pretty slothful. I had a new haircut/style. It’s been exactly one year ago since I had a haircut. See? I only pamper my hair ONCE a year. Oh, poor hair. I decided to treat my long frizzy hair because I believe I deserve it. Hahaha! No, seriously, I did so because I am worried of my hair. They might be feeling this tampo over me since I didn’t had the chance to give them treatment (hot oil) or cellophane or I even trim them. Split ends are also sprouting out. The strands are getting dry and frizzy. And worst, falling hair. I was a bit panicky since the strands of my hair are falling everytime I comb or brush them up, most especially after taking bath. I see them even on my pillow as I wake up in the morning. I was terrified. what if I get bald? Would I still have the courage to face the people outside? Or are they gonna laugh at me? Are they gonna spit fire on me? Urgggh! Say Hi and Hello to this paranoid girl. 

I went to Precy’s Salon somewhere in San Pablo City. This is the salon I trust for about six years now. I get my hair rebonded here since high school. And up to this day, the quality has never failed. The service is a bit costly but is definitely worth it. I got to see my favorite attendant, Ate Ada. She was the first one to rebond my hair.I felt like I should have a little change with myself. Physical lang naman. Kailangan ko lang talaga mag-move on. Hahaha. Joke! Wala, treat to myself lang.



It took me around three hours finishing the rebonding session. Imagine, I spent three long hours talking to no one, staring in front of the mirror, reading magazines and eating my Jollibee lunch alone just to get this thing done. The process was rough. Cutting my hair- putting the cream-washing-blow dry-ironing-putting another cream-washing-blowdry-ironing-cutting. But, everything’s okay and I didn’t have any complaint. Tiis ganda! Sadly, I failed to get my hair colored because (first) I was unsure if the company where I take my practicum would allow employees with dyed hair. And (second) I don’t have enough money anymore! #PoorKid  But I promise myself to get back in the salon on or before my birthday which is actually three weeks from now. Yeeeheee!

After 10 years of the session, tadaaaaa!

DisclaimerKung ayaw nyo masira ang Sunday nyo at ma-badtrip dahil sa pagkasawa sa pictures ko (HAHAHA), you better press Alt + Tab or better yet, close this tab.

BUT!!!!!  if you feel like your Sunday isn’t complete yet, try staring at my beautiful photos and I assure you, you’ll have a very good night sleep later on. Yes, Hangin.. galing sa blower!  HAHAHAHAHAHA


So, yun. Umiiyak na yung wallet ko. lol. But I believe I deserve this treat after having a very hard time surviving the last semester’s obstacles and an early birthday gift to myself na din.This is how a Sunday of mine went. And it’s (once again) back to reality tomorrow.

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone! 🙂


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