Someone’s always saying ‘Goodbye’

Someone’s always saying goodbye
I believe it hurts when we cry
Don’t we know partings never so easy
And with all the achings inside
I believe some hearts won’t survive
Trying hard to pretend
That we’re gonna be fine

Earphones plugged in. Now playing: Morisette Amon’s rendition of Someone’s Always Saying Goodbye

13833429_1169528726425335_344063452_o (1)

One of the worst feeling ever in the world is to be left behind by someone you gave much value into. It sucks deeply! But I guess, this is a paradox in life. You’ll never know who will stay by you through ups and downs and who would just leave you hanging. You’ll never know their purpose until you’ve just found out. Some would give you joy, some would cause you pain. And seemingly, you’ll get to be caught by a surprise discovering the reason why they are intruding your world. Very unpredictable.

You’ll get to see a thousands of strangers each day– in school, in the workplace, in mall, in public places. Basically, everywhere. You’d see different unfamiliar faces scattered randomly around. Hundreds of people in the same sphere– breathing the same air, stepping on the same ground. At times, you’ll have an encounter with a stranger. You might ask him what time is it. You’ll get to bump one’s shoulder as you pass. You’d ask where is where? Do you know someone…? etcetera. And after this, you’ll get to see them more personally and better. You’ll have the tie that binds you together strongly. Some of them will be a significant part of your life, and some would only just be a memory.

We all have “the one that got away”.  I also have this ‘someone’ who said his painful goodbye to me long time ago. I’m sure some can relate to this in one way or another. Yes, this is part of life. Deny it or not, it sucks everytime we look back on those beautiful days and memories we’ve had. That, they promised they’ll never leave but eventually put stain on it, at the end. You vowed never to be swayed by the same person again. Yes, hurtful to accept the fact that the person you once placed at the pedestal left you alone with no choice. They’ll leave you clueless, even you’ve already saturated all the possible reasons and all means. Eveything’s unclear to you except for one thing.. they’re gone. But this is life, someone’s always saying goodbye.

giphy (4)

But!! There is always a thing worth thanking for behind all those closing doors. Have you ever realized that it’s also good to bid goodbye to some people in your life? Not to say you let them out from your circle out of nowhere. I mean, random hindrances will test who the true persons are. From this, you get the chance to know who will stick to you in all the weathers of your life. That is, you have to let go of all the persons who got your back in just few little moments of your life… only during your successful hours. Mean this, you have to put them on trash! Drop them off of your life. You don’t need them literally and figuratively. Because, only those who will still be by your side during the WORST moments of your life are the persons genuinely offering and sharing parcels of their lives with you. They’re much of a blessing from above.

Instead of devouring yourself of the constant hurt of being left behind, why not look at the positive side of it? In every negative phase, there is always something to be grateful for. And eventually, you’ll see yourself grown much better today than you were yesterday. You’ll learn much things and it’s for you to grow much more maturely. One thing I have learned, we don’t have to get disappointed in life when someone waves a hand to say goodbye. There may be a deep or unknown reason why they leave; but the most thing we have to keep in mind is that, we shouldn’t let go and say goodbye to person we’ve become upon learning from the bittersweet memoirs we’ve all had. The person we have transformed is a better person today upon being left by those we once valued. Indeed, those people whom we said ‘goodbye’ to are the catalysts for us to be stronger and better individuals.

Now, it’s getting late and I need to take a deep sleep. I must be saying GOODBYE to you. But I promise to come back… unlike those who left you alone. 🙂


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