Nimbus Clouds

Ever wonder why dark clouds above indicate that it’ll rain? It bursts as if tomorrow’s never gonna exist. The misty rain will pour through, showering the covers, drowning humans. Nimbus clouds release what’s inside it when it cannot carry the weigh anymore. Moreover, these heavy clouds will be accompanied by the sudden flash of a lightning followed by the terrifying sound of the thunder. And so the surrounding will be filled with melancholic vibe and a cold breeze.

giphy (7)

This is so as humans’ feelings. We tend to release what’s bottled up inside us when the burden’s too heavy to be kept still. We usually shed a meaningful crystal which would roll down our face from our eyes. The eyes–perceived to be the windows to the soul– now begin to mellow and swell. You’ll then see the gorgeous chaos in your eyes. This is how we usually unleash the heavy feelings we have inside. Have you ever just randomly started crying because you’ve been holding in these emotions and pretending to be happy for way too long? Some may perceive crying as a weakness but is definitely incorrect. Crying is a strength. Someone who cries over something he/she values is strong enough to show that what he/she really feels. And being true to thyself, no matter how hard and complicated a situation gets, is an indicator of strength.

giphy (5)

Let’s be real. We all have limitations. No matter how patient we are, no matter how much we want to relax and chill ourselves in the midst of extenuating circumstances we face, there will come a time that all the patience we reserved will reach its saturation point. Everything has its own limits. There will be moments that we have to let our feelings out. And I see nothing wrong in it. It’s not being insensitive or even being too selfish. No! It’s a way of cooling down and getting back to the equilibrium once more. We need to buckle down and see a bigger picture of ourselves.

However, it is necessary for us to take self-control. Self-control is is one fruit that shouldn’t be left on the vine. It is not easy controlling yourself when you’re already in the middle of a very life-defining moment. Understandable. But it is always better to see ourselves growing up after releasing the tears inside us. That, we are able to learn something after being beaten up by the strong emotions we buried deep down inside. Sometimes, we cannot take control of the temper we have and it’s forgivable. What’s more important is that, we know how to make things fall in its places accordingly afterwards.

Like the nimbus clouds, it is always necessary for us to let go of all the horrible feelings so the darkness will gradually vanish. From there, we’ll again see the bright, beautiful sky.


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