First Day of Class

And so the battle is real again! It’s the first day of this semester. Well, it’s the typical first day again to me. But seeing familiar and even unfamiliar faces is refreshing. I was not around the campus for more than two months and I missed the entire surrounding. I missed the heavenly place, the food stalls I used to eat, the most intimidating rooms and lecture halls, friends, classmates…. EVERYTHING! I missed everything in here! Time flies so fast. I can still vividly remember how I was ranting about my stressful days and sleepless nights the past semester. But as the saying goes, you’ll get to see the value of something when they’re gone or basically out of your reach. True, indeed. I felt the value of something I have when it’s already out of my life. Mind you, it’s always hard for me to adapt to new environment. No, it’s not hard. I just need much, much time to adapt to a new surrounding and a kind of life. It takes too long for me to adjust. And glad it is that I finally got back to the same old sphere used to have.. and I’ll again live the kind of living I’ve had.

But this is the kind of first day of classes today. My scheduled class is on 1pm, SOC 114 (Sociology of Economic Life). I have to leave home at around 11am so I can get to LB before 1. It is my first time to have Sir Zaldy as my professor. I’ve heard that he’s cool but is somehow intimidating when it comes to graded recitation (yes, there is!). It crept the hell outta me again knowing that I seldom recite in classes. Very seldom. But hmm, this is life and Sir Zaldy is the boss. So… challenge accepted!

My next (and last class) is on 4pm, SOC 120 (Urban Sociology). Ms. Rosette Rogelio is my instructor here. She has been my instructor for the second time now after SOC 107 (Gender Relations). She’s generous and a fun-to-be-with person. It was also nice seeing the same faces as the previous class I had. Two of them were good friends of mine– Diane and JC.


By the way, Diane is not yet officially enlisted in class so she needs to prerog. (Teacher’s prerogative). It’s up to the instructor if she/he would allow a certain student to be enlisted in his/her class. And since she’s graduating next sem, (claiming it!) she needs the course which is being offered during first semester only. Ahh, two exchange students from Michigan University (Yes, Michigan!) were also competing for the available slots. They all need the course and yet there were no sufficient slot/s. But in the end, they were accepted by Miss Rosette. Cheers! As a consequence, Mam Rogelio asked them, and the rest of those taking their prerogs to show a talent, or at least crack a joke. Diane cracked a “joke”.

Diane: Anong tawag sa matabang pari?

Class: Ano???

D: Obese-po.

Class: (O_O)

giphy (9)

Since we have these two exchange students with us, Diane explained her “joke daw” to the class in ENGLISH. And it’s not the joke I laughed at. It’s the fact that Diane had to explain her joke since the two failed to understand. Fortunately, they got what Diane was intending to say. They got good humors too! And tadaaaa, Diane is now officially enlisted in the class.

Mam Rogelio called us one by one alphabetically. She was my previous professor last year so I was expecting the she (at the very least) is familiar of me already. And when she called my name… “Miss Maldonado?”  *raises right hand*  “Uy, dalaga ka na!”  *laughs*  And I was thinking like: “Mam, binata ba ako dati?” (O_O) HAHAHAHA. I didn’t know what crossed Miss Rogelio’s mind that she thought that way. Did I transform a lot? Choss.

It’s really good to see my professors in the univesity. (Walang halong echos) One of which would be Miss Sheila Julianda. I missed her real much! She’s my professor in my Industrial Sociology class and Sociology of the Family. And she’s not in a relationship still. Think she’s out of the dating loop for quite so long. But I see her really great. She still has the positive aura with her, very contagious that I and Diane felt the optimism too. She told us that she has already accepted that there are things/people that can never really be with her. Yep, life. Ayyys, Mam is also planning to make a charity home for dogs and pets. Good idea? It is.

Hmm, what else? Ahh, I have my practicum adviser already– Mam Lei Pangilinan. The twist is, she was not informed by Sir Augut that she is now my new adviser since Sir Augut will be leaving for years. And Mam Lei was caught by a surprise when I approached her to sign my papers regarding my practicum. But she accepted me anyway… well, upon getting the confirmation from Sir Augut. She’s nice, I’ve proven it. She was my previous professor in Social Stratification (SOC 105). And I believe she will be a very good mentor to me.

I only have two classes on a Wednesday. Actually Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday. Forgive this lazy kiddo. But must I say, I had a great start.  I am hoping for the best in the end. *cross fingers* The battle has just started today and I am whole-heartedly accepting the challeng. Maroon Fight!

giphy (10)


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