From a distance

Glad it is to have a glimpse of you once more
Waited much to see the intrinsic charm of yours
You’ve reciprocated the smile that I gave
Through that, my day was already saved

Seeing you again has made my heart smile
The smile I haven’t seen for quite a while
It has been two months since we last met
Yet seemed a year ago, this I truly bet

From a distance, we had unspoken communication
Through the deep eagle eyes despite the blurry vision
It’s good to see us standing on the same ground
In the widest façade, it’s you who I’ve found

From a distance, I know we’re breathing the same air
Feeling the cold breeze; to you, I couldn’t help but stare
Seconds have passed, neither of us were moving
Our worlds seemed to have just frozen and stopped revolving

From a distance, I want to take a step closer to you
But my feet won’t move, like getting a blood from a stone though
I know we’re thinking of this mutual abstract thought
Even if we never dare to say a single word

From a distance, I’ve wanted to say a crazy “hi and hello”
But that would be awkward, you know this so
That very moment, I did not know what to do
Cause there is this someone I saw, nobody but you

From a distance, I was hoping you’ll gonna say a word
But I remembered, your words could kill like a sword
So I was good settling to this way of seeing each one
So awkward and timid, like it was the very first time

From a distance, I saw your beautiful smile
But it was not because of me, not for a while
Someone tightly held the left hand of yours
And it was then clear to me, you’re not mine anymore

But I was glad to see you again… even from a distance


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