Two Decades and One

Today, I turn twenty one. The most special day in the month of August falls on a Tuesday. And knowing my schedule, (if you happened to stalk me) is almost a whole day of mine within the university premises. Just an ordinary typical day of a student. But there is the instinct within me that I should do something special or something I do not usually do on a typical day. I decided to kill time going on a mall (Robinsons El Danda) and go on shopping. Shopping??? Relatively. But yes, I do not usually go to a mall or any festive places whenever I am in the university. But that doesn’t mean I am this masipag-at-dedicated-na-bata kind of a student. Nope, I am not. It’s just, aside from having less money inside my wallet, it would be boring and sad to go on shopping alone; fitting dresses without having the crazy opinions of others if a dress I am going to buy would fit good to me or not. Or eating alone (though I am used to it). But today, I went on a mall and go shopped around. I just bought a ripped jeans because… wala lang. Ang ganda e tapos mura lang. And I considered it a gift to myself.

Feeling the hunger thrumming on my stomach, I ate alone at my favorite comfort place since I was a kid– Jollibee. Subscribing myself to such kind of set up (eating alone), I felt that there is nothing new on it. Nothing’s revelatory. As I have always mentioned, I am used eating alone. And a crew approached me and lent me a piece of flower tissue paper with a note on it. He told me, “Mam, may nagpapabigay po.” Sorta shocked, I answered him, “Ay thank you. Sino po?” He pointed the man a few steps away from me. He smiled and I smiled him back. I was flattered then. See? Mababaw lang naman talaga kaligayahan ko e. There was a note along with the tissue paper– a note that asks me my cellphone number. Kuyang Crew gave me a red pen so I can write my answer on it. Of course I didn’t give my mobile number. Dalagang Filipina ‘to, uy! Why would I give my personal information with someone I just met? A complete random stranger. What I have written on the tissue paper I sent him back was a “thank you” message and that it was my birthday. I also included my name so he won’t perceive me as suplada. I said I was thankful that he sent me that rose tissue paper. I went to comfort room after a while. As I was about to exit the comfort room, the crew who gave me the rose tissue was telling what he has done to his fellows. I heard him say “natuwa nga si ate e, kasi birthday nya pala..” and they seemed so happy gossiping about me. As I exit, I handed my phone with me pretending I am texting somebody and that I did not hear anything they were talking about a while ago. I was about to go downstairs and Kuyang Crew approached me and said, “Miss Mhae, Happy birthday po!” I replied him with, “thank you!”. And another crew approached me and greeted me “happy birthday”. Ang bilis kumalat ng balita. But I am, of course, thankful still.


Shoutout to the pleasing crews of Jollibee Los Baños! Hello po sa inyong lahat! And to the man who gave me the rose tissue paper. Thank you! And I am sorry I didn’t give you my phone number. I hope you understand. God bless you po!

I had to go back to the campus for my next class. Nothing’s new. The typical class set up. My friends were greeting me a happy birthday. I was sitting beside Diane and Irish. These girls were asking me why i was wearing a black plain dress knowing that today is my birthday? There was no any significance on it, it’s just, I want to wear the dress I haven’t worn since I bought it on March. And besides, the weather was a bit gloomy and I felt like I should dress up on a long sleeves. I asked Diane and JC out and eat somewhere. I was asking JC to treat us since it was also his birthday last August 13th. Diane treated us already on her birthday (August 11) so it’s already fair. Hihi. But, JC?? Don’t you think it’s kinda unfair? HAHA.

14030897_1185927708118770_1785931103_n14017593_1185927628118778_2082418172_nWe chatted for almost an hour. We’ve talked of random stuffs. Included to these were our plans after we graduate. Yes, sasablay na kami! cheers! I confessed them something I’ve been thinking of for quite a while now. They lent me pieces of advise which made me feel more confused. Hahajoke! They helped me decide and I was somehow enlightened. Thanks, buddies! I’ve had a wonderful day.

I’ve got little wishes too. Good health for me and my loved ones; more blessings and opportunities; more people who will love me unconditionally; Sablay and better days and best years ahead.

I thank everyone who did not seize to remember (made a tribute of) me on this day of mine. To my family, thank you for never giving up on me. I am completely blessed to have you in this complicated world of mine. To my friends, thank you for the sweet crazy messages. (Trivia: Every year, I am getting the same consensus wishes from them– “Sana magka-boyfriend ka na..”) Darating tayo dyan, mga bes. Wag mainip ah?  To those that I love, please stay. Thank you for being the constant thing in this ever-changing world. To everyone who extended me their greetings with love, thank you! Couldn’t find the most suitable words to express how grateful am I to you. Thank you so much from the bottom of my hypothalamus! And to God, Heavenly Father, thank you for this greatest gift– the gift of life.

Happy 21st birthday to this girl I always love. I am glad you have survived 21 years of your life without stabbing yourself into death. May you continue dreaming and striving for what you know is best. I know you’ve encountered so much things in life–sweet and bittersweet–which made you who you are today. Things deteriorated you in so many ways which paved the paths for you to get out of your shell. Engrave in your mind that you are blessed enough to have a loving family, friends and people who always continue believing in you. You’ve got the best support system you could ever have. Believe in yourself and soar high! Be bold, take risks and see how far you can get. You’re inch by inch getting closer to your dreams and I know you’ll someday discover your purpose in life. Stop doubting yourself and see the more optimistic side of you instead. Be thankful to the things you consider as your sweetest downfalls. You’re more than the person you are oftentimes being so pessimistic of. Be the woman you’re always dreaming to become. Learn how to grow up and accept things wholeheartedly. God will give you the answers to all the questions you have in your heart. May you continue the road less traveled. That will shed the light towards the peak of success. Keep your head held high and believe that everything will fall on its respective places in God’s perfect time. I am very proud of who you’ve become.. and is becoming. All the best, bitch. Happy 21st!

May all the beautiful colors of fireworks shine through you. Cheers for the twenty-one lovely years of your life. Happy birthday, self!


PS. Not a long post. Just an appreciation of what happened today


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