Midnight Dramas

Today, I mark a beginning of new tomorrow
Brought about by yesterday that brought me sorrow
Sorrow that has affected my everyday views and actions
Also the way I react and make some interactions

This pain I feel is buried inside of me
Burying it more so people won’t see
I’ve always been a girl who loves smiling
But today, I’ve decided to be alone and come into hiding

I don’t want to burden other people with my dramas
Much more Β if I share them all my dilemmas
So I’d just keep it to myself and be eaten alive
Though I’m afraid to be alone, it’s much better to hide

Now I don’t know what to do or candidly feel
Aside from the inner turmoil I constantly conceal
Words from my mouth I cannot freely spill
Strumming beats of my heart, my feelings get killed

This needs to end up, I’m feeling the prolonged agony
Circulating into my system this fear and anxiety
But I need to get away from my darkest frustrations
And face the stage now with less intimidation

For so many times, I highly put doubt on myself
That I am a noble mistake, I am partially wrecked
So I almost lost the little confidence left inside of me
But there’s hope in my heart that I can make it, this I see

I have to believe in myself so others would believe on me too
That I have the abilities to face the crowd certainly though
Must get rid of the negative thoughts that wallow inside
Stand up with faith, close thy fists, my soul is a pride


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