Last Day of Internship

Time flies so fast. It has been 240 hours  more than 240 hours since I started my internship at Mariwasa as part of my Practicum mandated by my degree course. It’s my last day today. Hurray! And I would say that my last day as an intern has ended with a whimper rather than with a bang. It really feels good to have a glimpse of myself from the very first day I entered the corporate world. It was weird. It was life-changing. I can still vividly remember the first time I stepped up and get out of my shell– from the immature UP girl to someone engaged to different activities done in the office. It was completely different. I was used to wake up day by day to my whimsy university life. And I woke up into an unorthodox one day knowing that I am now someone far different from the girl I commonly see in the university. My world has totally changed upon being part of the company.

Looking back, my first days were quite hard. I was lost. I didn’t know what to do. It was perhaps because I was still adjusting myself and that’s a given. I was loosely being beaten up by so many paperworks, too many things to learn and stuffs. Felt like my life is perceived to hang precariously by the thread of capricious fate. I was no one. Tabula rasa. I thought I was in the midst of a predicament set up. But I just realized that change is not capricious or a nebulous process. Like any other things, it undergoes a number of moments until I see myself adapting to it… little by little. And it is intuitively evident that a hamper change in my surrounding would pave the way for me to change myself too, for the better. Things are always inevitable. We must be accustomed to change. Really, #ChangeIsComing

If I failed to mention, I was an intern at the Corporate Human Resource of Mariwasa. Aside from the processing of documents, (scanning, photocopying, sorting, etc.), I was given by my agency coordinator (Sir AJ) a task, a challenging task. I was asked to do an empirical research regarding the fellowship that is being done within the company setting. This is a practice that is being done in parallel with the Victory Church if you are familiar with it. But if not, get a little glimpse here. Everything was up to me. I designed everything. From the research objectives, to the methodology, to the analyses of data, and everything until conclusion. I am used to do social researches. But this one is different. It is the first time I do research in the real industrial setting and religion is one of the most sensitive research topics for me and is one of the most difficult ones to operationalize. I was challenged but, shoutout to this firm broken soul, I accepted the challenge.

Another highlight of my two-month stay in the HR department was my exposure (?) to the scholarship program the company is offering. Remember my SCG Sharing the Dream experience? That was one of the best things ever happened to me. Reality speaking. One of which I learned too much from. And I am very thankful that I’ve been a part of it this year, not anymore as a scholar, but someone who can give them a testimony message since I am product of the program and I am now moving closer to the reality of life– towards the gradual realization of my dreams. The company is a component of who and what I am today. Loud and proud. So, big thanks to y’all!

One thing that I am also very grateful of, and is something that can never be measured by any monetary rewards is that, I was able to find companions. I met friends– my fellow interns, Gilmoore and Camille, the HR officers, the managers, the nurses, utility officers and those working at different lines and departments. THEY ARE ALL AWESOME! 










candid shot

These people, and the rest of the HR family are really beautiful people, literally and figuratively. They are the kind of bosses who will not intimidate you and pinpoint your weakest areas. They’ll teach and coach you from the basics until you now know how to stand by your own self. They are more than of a coach rather than a boss. 

I was supposed to present my study to Sir AJ along with the bosses last Monday. But since Mam Sonia would not be around, it’s time and again, a prolonged agony to me. But C’est la vie! I just used my time polishing my presentation. So the day has just begun. I have presented my study to Sir AJ, Mam Sonia and Sir Radmar. Not to lift my own chair, but I was confident that time. Well, I still felt the anxiety within me. But it’s more of the positive aura and feelings that I felt as I was discussing my presentation to the bosses. Probably, because they are my friends already. Or I have known them during my stay in Mariwasa. But I still came prepared, of course. Truth be told, I devoted my weekend studying for this research and the possible questions they might be throwing upon me. I was practicing and practicing.. for the nth time. Khun Alex (Siwarak Khaengpengkhae), the AVP was not around. Aside from the fact that I don’t have to speak in straight English (Hahaha), I haven’t got the chance to present this to boss from Thailand. But no worries, I can always get back and present it directly to him.

I’ve gained positive comments and affirmations from my bosses. There were just minimal suggestions from Mam Sonia which I think would be helpful on my presentation. So, the next time I am going to present this in public (more probably on December), I have now an idea on how it’ll get better. Hearing positive words from my bosses, I was totally satisfied and happy. I’ve came to think that the challenge I have accepted few months ago has now gone a long way. I accomplished my task with flying colors. Self-proclaimed. Haha! It’s just I am proud of the brave soul I now have in myself. I am gradually getting better and I am inching myself to a more realistic side of the world. It’s just I made a good job and things are becoming better to me now. I am now having a clear path I would like to tackle. There’s too many roads I might get encountering. But I should take the road less taken. And at the end of it, a picturesque of beautiful sparkling stars are waiting for me.

Here’s another moment I must share. Weeks ago, before I have finished the final manuscript of this project, a manager sent Mam Sonia an e-mail saying that the fellowship is nothing but a waste of time and resources since it is being done during breaktime (12nn to 1pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays). He also stood up to the point that he does not believe in any kind of surveys. That surveys are not reliable. I hope he had a Statistics classes/courses during his undergrad. And during my presentation, I was not aware that this manager Sir AJ was talking about to me before was someone I know physically. I mean, he is very familiar. I have already encountered him for a number of times. It’s just I didn’t know that he was the one watching me as I was lending my presentation to my bosses. I was seeing him at the peripheral view not knowing that he was the one who sent the e-mail to Mam Sonia.

He was looking at me, scrutinizing me, listening to my every word and judging me perhaps. But I care not. I strongly believe that I have defended my study well and that his claims just went into the shredder. I have the empirical evidences with me and I am not supposed to please anyone, everyone, not even him. I am supposed to do what’s given to me with all honesty and dedication. And it’s all up to those people what are they going to think of afterwards. I didn’t know what’s running through his mind the moment I was presenting. But the sure thing is that, he is not the reason why I did the research and I am not affected by his personal views and perspectives. There are persons who truly believe in me and my capabilities not only as a student or an intern, but more of as a person. And I wouldn’t give a damn care if others will shrug their shoulders off of me.


Keep your faith. *wink*

If you happened to be interested on this research done by yours trully, you may always ask me for a copy and I am always willing to share this with you.

Sir AJ talked to me right after I had my presentation. He just said that I made a good job and he did not expect that it will be as good as it is since it was only done in the micro level. He was impressed. Naks! I know, expectations can cause us to soar high or crash and burn into disillusionment if it doesn’t pan out. But really. I am not this adept to this kind of craft but I know I gave my best shot and I’ve done more than I could for its success. As Sir AJ told me before, I am the one most cognizant of how the things went through in the research process and there is nothing I should be terrified of. And he was correct. I realized that I should unleash the fear residing inside of me and start realizing the beautiful things surrounding me. See myself in a more optimistic way. It’s just me who keep on thinking that I am nothing compared to others. I AM SOMEONE. I AM SUBSTANTIAL.

I am continuously praying for the best career I shall have. Whatever it is that God wanted me to pursue, I know it’s for the best. I know that God has destined something so special for me. I am going to have a job that will make myself bloom and fully develop. Should learn from experience and come out stronger. And as early as now, I am already thanking the heavens for all these blessings I am having. Thank You, dearest Father!

I will surely miss the world I used to be at for a short period of time. That the concept of  #SepAnx (Separation Anxiety) I was sharing with Sir AJ before is now something bottled up inside me. It’s my last day today and I am already missing the office. I will be missing the people I have interacted with; persons I shared stories with; those who listened to my pointless dramas; those whom I have an encountered once in a blue moon; the persons who gave inspirations, and all the memoirs I had. These are memories that I will be stocking at many random corners in my mind. I had the best midyear term. I had the best practicum site.

The realistic world is relatively new and different from what is always being discussed and explained to class. Everything is a virtual reality. It’s a matter of survival. The world doesn’t always turn to be something one always dreams and hopes for. We’ll encounter people in all walks of life. However, comparison with others has no room. Comparing ourselves with others is a toxin that will kill our ego and the confidence that we have. We’ve got our platforms and strength peculiarly with others. Alongside with this would be the weaknesses that we have to overcome rationally. But the bottom line is, the industrial or corporate world is a sanctuary for one to fully develop, grow and execute his/her strengths in all the possible means. Upon exiting the corporate world (for the mean time), I could say that this has truly honed me to be more well-rounded and to develop– from a caterpillar to a young sweet butterfly. I know that there are a lot more challenges coming along, and I am now brave. Brave that I should always keep my head held high and never quitting whatever may happen. Fight!

Upon delivering the presentation, I hope I’ve made Sir AJ, Sir Radmar, Mam Sonia and the rest of the HR team proud of me. If you’re happening to read this, thank you for the support and encouragement. You’ve been so good to me all through the time.

Uh thank you, Sir Paj for the photos! I am currently sipping my coffee from the cute mug you gave me… because I asked you to. hahaha



Shoutout to these two fellow interns with me. We made it successfully, fearlessly and fiercely, guys! Cheers for the succeeding days of our lives! May the best fields and best careers be with us in the future ahead! I will miss our kulitan. See you in the life beyond.. Chos!

Hard it is to bid goodbye, but I got no choice, I have to. Hats off to everyone who made my internship extraordinary. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Signing off.


7 thoughts on “Last Day of Internship

  1. somawrites says:

    Wow! congratulations on completing your internship! I enjoyed reading your experience and I’m happy that you faced the challenges head on. You realised that fear is nothing and that you have got all it takes to be great, I wish you more success as you face life challenges head on…well done!

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