On the perils of death

Note to public: This is my personal point of views and opinions I’ve got on top of my head. If you are the kind of a person who does not accept others’ thoughts and perspectives; someone who closes his narrow mind and thinks others’ opinions are nothing but bullshit, you better press ALT + TAB or better yet, close this tab and never visit my blog again.

In lieu with the news and update I’ve been seeing all over my newsfeed, watched over the news, read on the headlines, those that are being discussed in class, and the opinions of too many people in all walks of life, I feel so damn irritated and tired being bombarded by all of these shit loads. And I think, I must write it down so I can express this, time and again.

I am being intoxicated by the pressing social issues and news brought about by media nowadays. Extra-judicial killings, war on drugs, PH’s rumored detachment from UN, riding-in-tamdems, burial of an ex-President and others that bring so much stress to millions of Filipinos. Nakakarindi na! And the most dominant among these is the extra-judicial killings very rampant all over the archipelago. Too many Filipino families are currently suffering from bereavement and travail upon the death of their loved ones due to illegal drugs. Depressing, isn’t it? I mean, daaah? Wala na bang magandang balita? 

We are all cognizant that the country is facing a major social change by the time we have elected new leaders. People are now being driven by a new kind of government, different set of people in their respective positions. Along with these change would be the type of leadership that they practice. And there is the big hope in our hearts that the country will get better as we embrace another chapter in our lives as a nation. And, part of nation-building would be the collective action of people looking at common goals and concrete plan of actions. Change is coming, apparently. But part of this change would be the tumultuous phase we are currently experiencing right now.

I am with them (hundred percent) on the campaign against illegal drugs. I am not against the current government. I am always in favor of implementing laws that would abolish or even eradicate people who are entitled to this kind of social problem. I am all for the war on drugs, don’t get me wrong. Our country is going a little better… inch by inch. I’m just not a fan of shooting those people down without having any concrete evidence. I am not a fan of shooting people who surrender and I am never a fan of the fact that people think extrajudicial killings is okay.

What does extra-judicial killings mean, by the way? As Google would say, “an extrajudicial killing is the killing of a person by governmental authorities without the sanction of any judicial proceeding or legal process.” Any death or casualties involved without due process is considered extrajudicial. In other words, killing without evidences. Death of people with cardboard signs hung in their corpse is extrajudicial. Ending one’s life through the hands of those chosen few is extra-judicial. People who surrender during police entrapments and still end up dying because of gunshot wounds are also extrajudicial. But come to think of it. Were they proven criminals at the time of their death? Did they undergo trial and was there evidence to prove that the offender is guilty beyond reasonable doubt? Aside from the cardboard box? Was the accused given the time to go under drug test to prove that there are illegal drugs in his system prior to his/her death? A video perhaps? If your answer is no, then it does fall under extrajudicial.

I am in favor of death penalty, actually. It’s just, it still need to go through appropriate mechanisms and legal processes within the justice system. My main point is, you just can’t kill people without proving that they are criminals. A person who has been proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt on a criminal act shall merit death penalty. If a person kills another due to personal motives, I demand death. If a person raped a woman, I demand death. If a person abuses the vulnerable sectors of the society– children/infants, women, persons with disabilities, indigeneous people, ethnic minorities and others, I demand death. I am seriously demanding death over these kinds of cases! These are the breaches that merit nothing but life. Uncouth, but this should be how the justice must go. It’s now time for the law to serve justice among people/victims. Another point is, death penalty would also serve as a form of social control among others so there is the less tendency for them to do the same thing again. It is now time for us to feel the fangs of the law. That the law is sacred. The law is inviolable.

But then, before death penalty is given, there MUST be adequate evidences, as supported and honored by the legal law and Philippine Constitution. It’s like, getting your facts straight first before jumping into conclusions. Every decision, every penalty must undergo due processes so that it’s not anymore a form of crime that go against human rights, but a form of law implementation.  I know, I have my point and they have theirs. But based on my own humanity, I choose to have good concrete point before I kill people.

I am just thinking of the sake of the innocent ones who can possibly be accused of using illegal drugs. They are not secured and safe from the perils of death. What if a person just physically look like a criminal or drug addict or user, or pusher (so to speak) and yet shoot to dead? And the same thing goes with you. There is no security that you’ll stay safe as you go to public places and you’re not even sure if you’ll gonna get home without being hit by a shotgun, a pistol or a Caliber 45.

This war on drugs also paves the way for us to eradicate our trust among the policemen and the authority. Admit it, sometimes we cannot trust the authority alone. In fact, some of them are not reliable. Some kill people because they feel superior and the power is vested upon their hands. Some are just taking advantage of their positions which can make them feel they are worthy as servants of the government and agents of law. Some are just abusing their position in the authority. And some are just wearing their uniforms because it’s an indication of their job.

Illegal drugs per se are not the adversary thing we are fighting against. It is our incongruous stand on the implementation of laws and the ways we bestow punishment among our fellow. We got too many clashing ideas and sheaf of perspectives which divide us into smaller parts. This is something unhealthy. It will be conducive if we will have a united ideology and a firm stand and aphorism on the bureaucratic processes every move shall undergo.

This is not the kind of social change we are all looking forward to. This is not the kind of metamorphosis we hold our head high on. What we want is a more economically progressive country, running justice system, alleviated poverty, empowered youth and women, eradicated extreme hunger, uncommercialized education and a lot, lot, lot more that will lead our country towards development so as to escape the third world. In retrospect, we should’ve gained further insights of what the country would be nowadays. We have too many zealous desires for the country and it’s a must that we implement what we can do for us to achieve those.

My another point is that, it is not only drugs that is becoming rampant and is becoming a major social problem in the society nowadays. I mean, yes. But there are also many social issues that are worth paying attention at. What is/are our plan/s to education? to agriculture? to business industries? to economic growth? to the people in the grassroot levels? to  the environment? to traffic? Are we this stable in facing such kind of social problems? Are we making any plans and strategic actions so as to address such problems? Are we? The problems is,  we set our eyes to drugs itself as the one main problem that should be solved immediately, not knowing that other sectors and institutions have its own problems too that need government’s attention and concrete plans of actions as well.

For the country to function well, there should be a balanced way of seeing things simultaneously. There should be goals at the macro level that we will try to achieve. And for us to obtain such, we should look at the micro perspectives so we could understand our fellow even more. We must heed to the peripheries and different angles and levels of the society. Upon having a more united institutions and sectors of the society, there is a greater possibility for our country to stay on a stronghold.

For me, the real measure of the success against drugs is not being measured by how many have laid poorly on the street with a wound caused by a gun. It would be the number of users who have changed their lives upon being rehabilitated or institutionalized. A person, given that he has not done any criminal act against his fellows, deserves a chance to live his life in a more different way– a way in which he will have a life with a purpose.

I have my opinion, you have yours and they have theirs. Whatever it is that we take, respect must always be taken into consideration.



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