10 things I miss


These are few of the things I just miss as of the moment. If you can make some of these happen to me once again, I’ll thank you everyday. Haha!

1. Journalism days. I am a frustrated writer and I miss writing. What I am writing these days and weeks and months are mostly academic papers, research papers and now I am working on the first rough draft of my Practicum Manuscript (due two weeks from now). But I think I am only 10% finished. I know, I should be writing my manuscript now but.. as what I’ve mentioned, I miss writing. Even my blog entries.

Seriously though, I am missing my journalism days. Since I was on my fourth grade, I was exposed to how it goes in the journalism world. This has become a part of myself until I graduated in high school. I started from being a newswriter, editorial writer, feature/literary page manager, photo journalist to assistant editor-in-chief until I became the editor-in-chief of our official school paper. (Ang Pluma during elementary and  Ang Manggagawa in high school). Sharlene (remember her?) was the editorial cartoonist since elementary until high school. I assure you, she’s the best cartoonist ever!


Well, I won several contests too before (naks!). But there is always a room for  improvement for me so I keep on enhancing myself through continuously writing in the page. And I am willing to make sacrifices for this.

I miss the Press Conference days. Those were 3 to 4 days being away from home and living inside the campus premises. It’s not that it’s a freedom for me and I am having a whale of a time for myself but more of learning how to live independently. I miss my former schoolpaper advisers, Mam Sonia and Mam Richelle in elementary and Mam Melba and Mam Riza in my high school days. I am always, always thankful to them.. up until this moment.

I miss making entries in the schoolpaper– writing, lay-outing and all. By the way, feature literary page is my fave!

2. CHR Office (Mariwasa)

It’s been almost a month now since I left the first office I was in as an intern. I took my internship here for about two months and I am feeling the separation anxiety now #SepAnx. I miss the people I got to be with from 8am to 5pm, from Monday to Friday. I miss my bosses and my fellow interns who became from friends. Missing you, Gilmoore and Camille!

I found it hard before to adjust to this kind of environment. But it’s kinda different now. I miss the place I once found intimidating. I miss the ground where I’ve learned a lot of things. It’s like I’m having the #SepAnx back to me again.


3. Dorm life

If I was not able to share, I am already out of the dormitory. Forgive me. It’s just because I have only 15 units left with me and.. *whispers* I am hoping to graduate. 😀 But more than that, I have four major courses I currently take which are equivalent to 12 units and the other three-unit course is my Practicum Manuscript which I am currently writing  was writing a while ago. I closed the tab because I am now feeling the saturation to it and I need to find a way to relax.

Anyhow’s (ang daming dakdak), I miss the YMCA Dormitory. I miss how my life goes in it. I miss my roommate Diane, I miss struggling for my 7am classes and waking up early just to fall in line when taking a bath. But I miss spending my vacant hours here too. I miss sleeping on my bed.

4. Jacob’s curly hair

Because my baby Jacob’s hair was cut short. And it’s his Lola who did so. Huhu, sad life. I love his curly tangled hair more than the clean and short one he has now.


5. Street dance

I was once a street dancer back in high school. Yes, believe it or not. I miss it when I and my schoolmates were practicing for the annual Mardigras fest. This is celebrated on the first Saturday of March in celebration of the feat day of St. Thomas Aquinas, our town Saint.


The hot atmosphere and the burning sensation of the summer heat may kill; the street might cause our feet to get wounded and the extreme heat of the field may cause us to collapse (though it never happened to me before) but the success after having completed and routines was really SATISFYING adn HEART-WARMING. This makes my heart jump into joy. And I sorta miss this kind of feeling.

6. Science camp

It also feels so nostalgic to see students having campings. Well, I am not so used to it joining overnight camping during my Girl Scout days. Segway story, I had this sorta “traumatic” feeling when I once joined an investiture camping. It was my first time–during my junior high– when the camping hasn’t been a success. We were devastated by flood, mud and the stormy weather urged. The tents were destroyed by the strong wind and there was a heavy pour of rain from dawn to dusk. The place wasn’t that safe though we evacuated to an elementary school nearby just to be safe. Can’t you imagine I had to live there for three days? I was mentally shrieking then. I really wanted to get home. I thought of all the worst things that could possibly happen. From then, I didn’t join the camping on its succeeding year, even if that was my last year in high school.

But I was so ignited to join Science Camp, specially school-based. It’s a different story. since it’s school-based, I can go home everyday. I’d be safe! Another thing is, it’s fun to organize events. It’s fun to make a team unite and fuel the fire in making it to the camp’s success. That was one thing I look forward to during high school. Every camp was tiring. But everything, every effort, was all worth it.


7. Night parties

It’s been a while since I got to a party and savor on my favorite liquors and drinks. I cannot remember the last time, actually. There are three reasons why I love parties (which usually end at midnight or dawn)– I celebrate success. I want to be with the people I love. I get the chance to escape from my reality. The third might be something I have already told. I am opt to escaping my problems before I actually face such.




8. Road trips

Late night drives are always the best for me. It may sound a bit weird but I find my mind productive during late nights especially when I am along the road. I am having the time to think, even to decide of certain matters in my life, think of my plans in the near future and a lot more.


Who wouldn’t want traveling as a way of relaxation? It’s not only like that for me. It’s more of a kind of escape from my harsh social reality. Mind you, life is getting harder for me… in so many ways. when I travel– anywhere– I find a serenity in my soul. I find peace of mind.

Bonus na lang yung mga selfies *wink*

9. Slumbooks, dedication notes and letters

Written letters are always the best. I appreciate it more than receiving a token or gift from a friend. BUT!!! Tumatanggap ako ng anything huh? It’s just, if you’re giving me a gift (haha!), I hope you include letters too. I would love to see the art of your handwriting and the words coming from your hypothalamus. From your heart. I want to discover your font style. I would love to listen to the humming of your words.. or everything you wanted to say– be it flattering or mean.

Back in high school, almost all of my female classmates (and batchmates) had their slumbooks and dedication notes. And I was one of those who write up on it.. because I love to! I love writing on it and making others know a deeper side of me. Sadly, I failed to have mine. I dunno. I found it baduy and corny before and now I realized that I should’ve had the same thing too so I can always go back to it– to my youthful days whenever I miss those times. Hayyy. Pagsisisi. And I miss receiving letters too, those written in a fragrant stationary paper and even on a crampled page of a math graphing notebook.


10. High school life.

They say, “nothing beats high school.” True, indeed. My high school friends are one of the best set of people I always treasure! We call our group ‘NARRALITES’. We derived it from the name of our section, IV-Narra. They’re those real to me and I know I’ve got their back whenever I need something to lean on. I can get their support in all the endeavors that I pursue. I miss those days we became so foolish and playful– that there were no any dull day with them. We were teasing each other. We were assigning nick names to each one. We work as one. They are my family more than classmates. I know God has sent them to me to make my life more meaningful to live on (Naks! Oy narra, read!)

We’ve all tackled different paths already after we graduated. Some pursued college, some are working already, some have established their own families, some have changed religious views, some went abroad, and one has already passed away. Too many things have already changed since then. But, I am still looking forward to a reunion with them. I just miss the good times. I miss the way we were before.


I miss these things. But I am always cognizant that life is bound to change. Like a real metamorphosis.


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