What a Real Boss is

“Yes, boss!…” 

A two-word script we normally hear from someone affirming to their boss. But…

What does it take to be a boss? What could be the qualifications? Or how do we operationalize a “good boss”? How would you know if a boss is good or that if he is not? Vague, yet subjective on a side note. We differ in our preferences. We vary in our own understanding. But here are some of the modifications on how do I define a good boss based on my own perspective. *wink*

A real boss leads, not commands. He does not see his employees as people inferior of him. He steps up; but taking his employees with him. He envisions things the way his employees envision it. They got their eyes set on their target. Leading is not always about listing a series of commands and letting his followers obey. They aren’t remote-controlled robots! Leading is not even about being the front-liner in a certain path people ought to tackle. It is more of going where there is no path and still never hesitating in leading the way.

He puts all his efforts to achieve goals. He is the captain of the team. Someone who does a task first and making others follow. There’s no room for dragging people down. A good boss does not see himself as a king who commands and dictates. He is more of a soldier who has the guts to lead others.

A real boss knows how to motivate his/her employees. An employee works for eight hours (or more) a day. They would spend the most productive time of their day sitting on the office chair or standing on the production line just to earn money for a living. It is necessary for a boss to motivate his employees not only for them to produce the best quality output nor make them earn for their salary. A boss must motivate his employees for them to actually love their work and make it as their craft. So that, at the end of the day, employees would not feel exploited nor dehumanized as they see themselves in the workplace setting. They would make their work as a platform for them to execute individual passions instead.

Another is, a boss will never belittle the strength of his employees. Only small people do that, but the great ones make people feel they are great. This is how far motivations can go.

A real boss does not scold, he instructs. What I hate on the bosses I normally see on TV or on social media, is that, they scold people– even for shallow reasons. They speak (and act) as if they are perfect persons and that they never had a single atrocious mistake in their lives. I mean, dahhh.. you’ve been once in their position and you exactly know how it feels to be scolded by someone superior of you. Why not give them the chance to adjust well on their job? Is it really the fault of the employees who were scolded? Or the blame is to put to their superiors on not having the sufficient amount of knowledge in giving clear instructions? Or are these bosses just acting such way as a form of revenge? But.. why bother? Instead of heating up the fire that once burned them, why not just do the thing their previous boss must’ve done on them? Guide people. Scolding employees will never produce good outputs. You see, it’s not a chain to be forwarded unto people. It’s a matter of inheriting the best ways in moulding a good employee through giving proper instructions in a humane and deliberate manner. They’re people too, they have feelings.

A real boss knows how to say “thank you” and “please”. One or two syllables; much easy to pronounce. A real boss still appreciates the efforts of those under his supervision– no matter how big or small these efforts are. He knows that there are things he cannot do alone, and that, he needs help from others. One can sometimes find his inner strength from the people underneath. Asking for help doesn’t mean he is a weak boss. It’s a manifestation of humility. That is, no matter how many achievements and things he has already accomplished in the field of work (and in life), it is incumbent upon him to still keep his feet on the ground. Humility is a characteristic of successful bosses which makes his employees love him not only as a boss, but as a friend, as a companion as well.

A real boss says “I’m sorry”. What is wrong with saying “I am sorry”? Is it that hard to pronounce? This is something we normally take for granted. Cause we stifle in an idea that a boss rarely takes wrong moves, which is actually unacceptable. Saying sorry when one commits a mistake is never form of humiliation. It will never denigrate the morality a person in any ways. Saying this is to simply accept that no matter how prestigious a position one has already obtained in a particular group, one isn’t a perfect person still. As the old saying would say, “Nobody’s perfect”. And there is–and will always be–a room for him to commit a mistake no matter how much perfect he wants to see things under his control. At the end of the day, it’s about how we accept our mistakes and pave the way to correct it and most of all, learning from it.

A real boss assists. He does not let his people sulk themselves in a dark corner. No matter how complicated a situation is, it is mandatory for a boss to offer assistance to his employees instead of leaving them hanging. He’ll never abscond, he’ll be there to guide.

A real boss is not a know-it-all person. We learn everyday. From experience, from the books we read, from the lecture/function hall, from a reliable speaker, from the things we see on the newsfeeds or the things being told to us by people we meet. Learning is a continuous process and will never ever get terminated. One should not say he is omnipotent enough to know all things, to declare that he is this adept on his chosen craft or field. He is not. Yep, people may seem to be forever gasping to keep up caveats in mind and yet there is always, always a room for us to learn something new. That’s best anyway!

A real boss is open-minded. He sees things intuitively without having any kind of judgment at the back of his mind. He respects every single decision-small ones or big ones. He sees things as black and white and there is no room for gray area. He knows how to weigh situations without incorporating his biases. A real boss does not shut the door out when new ideas are beginning to arise and fleeting his own. He should cast a critical eye on the situations and be open to suggestions and ideas from people underneath.

A real boss is a risk-taker. Things aren’t always at the equilibrium level. There will be times that one would sacrifice something for the benefit of the many or that,if it concerns some. There will be moments that the team will be uncertain of the ineluctable results of the decisions that they make. There will be whimsy instances wherein the boss plunges breathlessly into the hazy future. This is a test for the boss. He must be accustomed to making sound decisions for his team. Well, it is good to stay on the same situation but y’know, only those who would risk going too far can possibly determine how far they can go. It is never wrong to scrupulously try something new especially when we know it will be for the best of the majority. A real boss has the spirit of a warrior.

A real boss does not blame. In the face of extenuating circumstances, a boss still manages to vindicate anyone. I mean, if you’re in the same company or organization, it’s the team effort that is being seen– not the atomized individual being judged out of his own self/deeds. They work as one. Be this as it may, a boss should stop dwelling on the minor bumps on the road. Yes, we do commit mistakes but a good boss exonerates one but takes on the best remedy instead. A boss does not call it ‘mistakes’, he calls them ‘lessons’– to everyone. Instead of slapping someone because of his mistakes, why not learn from it, be a better person and keep it moving? Someone’s mistake is the mistake of the team. And the team’s success is the success of the individuals.

With these, you should know that these should not only reflect on the part of your boss. Remember, you are the boss of your own self. You should act as one if you want to govern others. Your heart is the boss you are ought to obey. Your mind is the boss you are ought to listen to. You are the boss who will drive your own life.

If time comes that I am prepared enough to have a boss, I hope that he/she will be someone I would look up to. Someone I would treat as an idol and a mentor. Someone I can learn too much things from. I wish I would have a boss who will bring out the best in me and will make me come out of my shell. Overcome my dire weaknesses. Make me see things in a different way. Yeah, definitely ideals.

I dream of being a boss someday.. or manager.. or supervisor.. HAHAHAHAHA! Who would not? I know that sounds sarcastic and quite a pain in the arse. But what’s wrong with imagining? It’s tax-free anyway. (lol) I want to be forever remembered by ordinary people, by my employees, by everyone who knows me. I want to leave a great legacy. And I hope that if time will always permit, I wish of becoming one of the best.

Salute to all the good bosses in the world! Spread the legacy!


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