Sunday Serenade | 03


How’s your weekend going on, guys? Hope you are having a whale of a time while enjoying your break. Mine is the usual kind of Sunday. I am still devoted to my academic life (gahhh, until when?) and I am spending my precious hours rewriting my notes and reviewing it over and over and over. Psh! Anyhoo, I haven’t updated my playlist for quite a while now. But here!! A list of songs I hope would savor your Sunday. Happy listening! 🙂

  1. Don’t wanna be your friend 

2. Jealous

3. Why can’t it be?

4. Don’t say goodbye

5. One last cry

6. Foolish heart

7. Someday

8. Love moves in mysterious ways

9. Unbreak my heart

10. It turn to you

11. I’ll never get over you (getting over me)

12. Love will lead you back


Nina yan lahat. I just fell in love with Nina’s voice kasi. Sarap nya pakinggan. Very realxing! Plus, medyo senti yung mga kantang pinili ko. Perfect sa isang cuddly weather like this. Haha!  By the way, may bagyo pa daw bukas. So I don’t know if our field/data gathering will push through. Gaaaah! It depends upon the situation. I have to gather the necessary data I need so I can go on with my life. I’ve 7 weeks left for this semester and it’s driving me really insane.

Hope you had a good Sunday and a great week ahead. Keep safe, everyone!


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