Beautiful accident

It’s the last day before the long weekend. Yayyyy! I was contemplating if I am going to attend the only subject I have for today. Since that’s a 1-2:30 class, I felt like I can skip and that wouldn’t be a big thing. Haha! Plus, the weather was quite placid yet hot and it’s really better to just stay home. I was dragging myself to school. But I still decided to get to UP for a reason I don’t understand. Everything was just ordinary. The usual thing. The typical day. But not. Not…

… ’till we saw each other again after a long time. I wasn’t really expecting for that awkward and uncanny moment to happen. I was in the midst of thinking of my plans on how to survive this semester, wallowing on my thoughts and reveries, wondering how things would fall perfectly in its places. Until he came. He sat beside me on a place we used to be at. I dunno if this was planned or it was just a mere co-incidence. I wasn’t really expecting for that moment to happen. I wasn’t even prepared. He said “Hi, Mhae. Kumusta ka na?”. I immediately replied, “Uy musta? Okay lang ako. Ikaw ba?” “Okay naman din..”  I seriously don’t know how to start and end a conversation. That moment, my heart was beating fast enough to airlift a freight train. That was a bit strange. Perhaps I was saying non-sense things? Coming from my mouth are unwanted words dictated by my idle mind. I was constructing simple yet striking lines and I was ignoring the irregularity of the words. But he kept on asking me things we were never talked about before. And I was just answering his random questions and even asking him back. There was no room for a dead air. Though I was so full of embarrassment during that time. I wanted to abscond, crawl under a rock and never come out or be eaten by a dragon alive. Talking with him was really awkward and I clearly sensed the uncomfortable vibe. But I still managed to conceal the discomfiture I was feeling.


It has been a long time.. very very long time I didn’t had a glimpse of him, nor see him up close. I missed the way we were before. Playful and never really care ’bout the world. He was  is one of my best buddies and I am quite missing the old days. I asked him how is he and what are his plans, is he working already, or still studying, any random question that popped up my mind. I asked all of those even though I know the answers at the back of my mind already. He just graduated last Midyear term, and is about to pursue his master’s degree. He’s waiting for #Sablay2017 as well. I actually didn’t have to ask him these cause I already know beforehand. Stalking is my talent, ayt!? Haha. But, yes. Just for the sake of the predicament of an ongoing conversation.

Those were few of the beautiful minutes of my life. It felt like I was again talking to a stranger I once knew. We’ve been through a lot of things and our lives have both drastically changed. This accidental twist of fate has just happened and made our worlds collide for the nth time. Perhaps to make us realize how we’ve matured and changed for the better. I was able to see that. Beautiful are the things we’ve had after paving our own separate ways.

But sweet, after the longest time of not seeing each other, I found myself. I knew myself even more. I found the independent will of my determined soul. That, not everyone I meet along the road will join me until the finish line. Some are just there to teach lessons, and when I learned from them, they will part their ways for their self-development. Some are just meant to make cameo appearances, some are destined to be a pithy footnote. At the end of the day, they made the race more worthwhile. I thank him still, that even if we have this blurred line between us, he made me genuinely happy in ways he may seldom never see.

It was so nice seeing you again. We may never know if there is ‘next time’, but I am sheaf thankful we once again had a moment together. I know we should’ve pulled closer but the pride took in. But  I am grateful that the dreams you once talked about are now turning into a reality. You still got my support. I will forever be here, cheering you on. Meeting you again was fate, a sweet serendipity, a beautiful accident. 

All the best,




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