Sunday Spotlight 8 | Dear 2017

15943149_1327015504009989_177825594_oIt’s been a week already since we welcomed another brand new year. Can’t you believe it’s 51 weeks from now and we’ll open the door for 2018? Time passes by so rapidly. 2016 has been a year full of twists and turns. Too many things happened. There were people who arrived, there were people who departed. There were heartbreaks, flashbacks, depressions but there were also triumph, love and blessings. But the bottom line is, we learn from all these phases of our lives and experience extraordinary things. A fruitful year has passed as we welcome another. This is a year of hope-a platform for change. We oftentimes associate a brand new year to changing ourselves. From our lifestyles, goals, plans, things we want to pursue yada..yada.. yada..

I just don’t understand it why people wait for a new year to make these changes they want in their lives. I mean, isn’t it possible for one to pursue all that he/she wants during the midyear, or the third quarter of the year or even the latter part of the year? I don’t actually believe in New Year’s Resolution because eventually, they will just rot and vanish like the a dried leaf of an old rose falling into the surface of the soil. It’s just I am giving myself false hopes and eventually end up disappointing myself and making another New Year’s Resolution. And the cycle goes on and on and on. It’s not that I don’t have the guts or the fiery determination to do so but I just don’t like the idea of making promises to myself and not keeping it for the rest of the year. Perhaps, it’ll be better if I just do all the things I want to accomplish within a year without making any kind of promises. Lemme share to you, the word promise is a big deal to me. Once a person made a promise, I am assuring myself that he/she will fulfill it- no matter what happen. And in cases like they broke it, I would be hurt. And that horrible feeling will linger for quite a while. So, I don’t like it when one makes a promise if he/she cannot fulfill it.


But here. These are some of the things I want (and will try) to achieve for this year. I want my 2017 to be very fruitful and a year full of achievements.

  1. Be courageous. I will try to conquer my fears. Fears in anything- be it heights, stage, to the bigger things like rejections and failures. It’s time for me to be brave and face these fears heads on. Further, I should also be courageous in some aspects of my life like taking risks, decision-making processes. Perhaps it’s time to get out of the shadow of my “what if’s” and embrace my “what are’s” (Very popoy). This year, I am going to face obstacles with a closed fist which indicate a fine spirit and courage. Like what I always say, “Maroon Fight!”
  2. Devour self into positivity. It is always easy for me to say “look at the brighter side of he world”; “think positive”; “Kaya mo yan, positive lang dapat!” But the thing is, it’s not that easy for me to apply it to myself. Easier said than done. I have a very cynical view of the world- at most times. I hate it to see my self wallowing on my poor self-esteem and negative thoughts. I am easily degraded whenever others are doing the same thing as me. It’s not that I lack trust to myself, it’s just it isn’t enough. I sometimes oftentimes think that others are better than me. Or that they can do and function more effectively than I. THIS IS THE WORST SIDE OF ME. I see other people trusting me rather than myself. But this year, I will not drown myself into negative thoughts. I will try to devour into positive things, radiate good vibes and keep myself glowing through the positive lights of life.
  3. Make new friends. I am always looking forward to opening doors in creating new friends- friends I see personally or those who I can keep in touch with. Not only those who will add me on Facebook or follow me on twitter and instagram. I’d like gaining and gaining friends. But here’s a truth: I have a lots of friends but I do not completely trust everyone. I only have few whom I can give my full trust to. But hey! It’s new year and we’re poised to make a ton of new friends to make more special and memorable moments with. Plus, (real) friends are gifts from God!
  4. Travel. Who wouldn’t want a new environment? A fresh new air to breathe? A new soil and sand to step on. Travelling is something I would like to do when I grow up (figuratively, I know!) It’s always a dream since I was young. I’d love to get into places where I can detoxify my mind so full of negative thoughts, places I can pamper my eyes with beautiful things, delight myself wandering to places, and just see the good side of life and a more cosmopolitan world. I want my 2017 to dust off my travel bags, hit the road and tick off various destinations.
  5. Career growth and development. Now that I am (technically) a graduate- after a long time- it’s about time to inch by inch start up my career and move my feet towards something I would love to pursue. So far, I am applying as an HR Officer at a company near to my heart and I am praying for positive results. Once I have established the career I want, I’ll definitely give my best shot on it- on everything that I’ll do- so I can nab on the things I’ve been eyeing for so many years. 2017 is a fresh new start to reach another milestone. So… bring it on!


Uhh, few reminders/daily douse of inspiration from the love of my life, Lee Min Ho, for you to bid goodbye to the pains of the previous year and embrace this year with a heart full of love. I made screenshots of it from Legend of the Blue Sea and City Hunter. So effort yan, mga bes! Any way, are you with me waiting for the succeeding episodes of LotBS? Ang tagal, ano? Pero last 5 episodes na lang. And to those who haven’t watched yet, go watch it na! Promise, it’ll make you soooo kilig! City Hunter also, I have just watched it though it was aired 2011.


May this year bring you lots of joy beyond compare. Be limitless and make this year worth remembering. Happy New Year, everyone! 🙂


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