It’s the little things that matter the most

It is a human instinct to seek for all the greatest things in life. It is normal that we tend to push ourselves to the very best and live our lives to the fullest. We seek for the most beautiful thing ever created on Earth and just give subtle appreciations to the simpler ones. We ignore the rays of the sun but miss it when the rain pours down. Oftentimes, we take them for granted, not knowing that these “little things” mean a lot even more.

When we do not scold on the restaurant crews whenever they bring our orders late- or that when they brought the wrong orders, that’s courtesy. They’re humans and they create mistakes no matter how perfect they want to present themselves in front of customers. What’s a mistake is to humiliate them and think that we, customers, are always on the right track. You see? We do not need to meet and make hand shakes with managers, bosses, professionals just to speak courteous and rightful words. It is mandatory that we talk to people with courtesy and respect no matter what and who they are.

When we give a single penny to a beggar we meet on the street, it’s generosity. A single penny may not be enough to survive a day. But for sure, this would mean a lot to fill an empty and starving stomach. You see? We do not need to donate bills and goods to a charity. A single act of generosity to those who are needy would definitely suffice.

When we respect the ideas and opinions of others-even if some are contradictory of ours- despite differences, yet we do not bash and throw harsh words on them, that’s intelligence. A stupid person does not know how to give respect to others’ opinions on certain issues. As we know, there is no such thing as a ‘correct opinions’, it’s always a matter of perspective. People will always argue that they are on the ‘right side’ neglecting the fact that their counterpart views the same. We sometimes do not rely on the truth when it does not lean on our side. But a real intelligent person knows how to get facts straight first before arriving into conclusions. They will not bash people online. They will think before they click instead. You see? Intelligence is not always about getting high grades at school, line-of-nine quarterly marks, numerous 1.0s, A+ in the classcard. Not even being fluent on the way they speak or can syntax their ideas very comprehensively. It’s not also about getting medals, merits, trophies and awards. It’s more of giving respect to people and understanding how their point of views are made.

When we do not spit on public places, knowing that when saliva dries, bacteria can get into the thin air which may harm people, that’s care. We do not think of ourselves only, we are more integrated in a higher society and think of the sake of others too. When we get home asking our parents and siblings how was their day or asking if they have eaten or not, that’s care. When we send text messages on our silly friends asking how they are or a simple “good morning!” and emojis, that’s care. We consider the lives of our significant others as if it’s a part and parcel of ours too. You see? We do not have to earn a degree, to be a caregiver, nurse or whatsoever to show we can care to someone. Care is not seen, it is felt.

When we still feel at ease despite the heavy traffic and wait for the red light turn green, that’s patience. One does not need to be bombarded with office works and unending reports to show they have long patience towards their work. Or when we wait for years just to get promoted and have salary increase. You’ll simply see patience to public utility jeepneys whenever they whistle, sing or hum while being stuck in the road. Because they know, no matter how heavy a traffic is, they are certain that they will arrive to their destinations.

When we decide to wake up despite the gloomy weather, and we’re dragging ourselves to get up and start the day- to go to 7am classes or 8am officeworks, that’s already determination. The moment we decide to be productive despite the thought that we can still sleep and pamper ourselves on bed, that’s the moment we build determination. We are determined to face whatever a brand new day will offer. You see? A salary increase isn’t only the way we can be determined. Determination starts the moment we decide to wake up and face the life outside the four-cornered room with a smile.

When we voice out our opinions and let the world knows what’s in our hearts, that’s courage. We are brave enough to show people what we’ve got, what we are and what we think of something. You see? We don’t need to slay all the dragons to show that we are brave and we have the sterling amount of courage among our hearts.  Courage is when we begin to believe in ourselves, stand on what we believe is right and fight for our own advocacies without considering the negative thoughts and words others will throw against us.

We always want the universe yet, sometimes, what we only need is the moon. We see the sparkling diamond while ignoring the beauty of the shore. We look for the greatest things to define what life really is. Trully, it is never wrong to go for the biggest things. But then, can we just take a look at the simple moments we see in our everyday lives? In an ordinary day? If we will just take a pause and scrutinize the surrounding that we have, maybe then, we’ll realize we don’t always need big and complex things. Because we are already blessed with the small ones that matter the most.


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