An Open Letter to my Future Husband

I am tapping the keyboard out of nowhere. I just want to write a letter for you, my future one. I am uncertain when will you happen to read this. But if time comes that we’re in each other’s arms, I want to look back to it and let you know how much I thought of you tonight.

I do not know if we met already. Or did I get to bump in with your broad shoulders? Or did I get to sit next to you? Or had I exchanged random conversation with you? Or were you a stranger I had encountered one time? I don’t know, either.

But if after years you happened to read this, I just want you to know that I prayed for you earnestly, long time ago.. until now. I am continuously asking God to let you intervene in my life on the right time, in the right place, at the right moment. I pray that you’ll come to me prepared in all the aspects of your life. I am hoping that, you have a very strong faith that I am the queen of your life. That, you’ll never cheat on me and break my heart. That you prayed for me to come into your life as well. Are you also begging the universe the same whole thing?

I also want you to know that a beautiful romance was perfectly written among us- two strangers- who happened to meet in the midst of this cruel world. You are the light at the end of the tunnel I have tackled to find you. Before my eyes, you became the person who made me believe in love again, the heart that made me believe in my own heart’s strength. Once more. Without a question, you became my hope.

I always imagine days full of love with you. From the first glance of the beautiful rays of sunlight ’till the calming view of the dusk, I’ll stay beside you. I’ll trace kisses all over your face and to anywhere my lips would land against your skin. We’ll embrace each other as my arms resting in your shoulders and your hands fill the curves on my waist (Yes, curves! Hahaha). We’ll stare at each other until we melt unconsciously. We will exchange genuine smiles, enough to send chills down to our spines. Your laughter will fuel my world and mine will take the rainbow to your palm. There’ll never be a dull day with you, my love.

I can’t wait to have you, dear one. I can’t wait until we create a world exclusively for the two of us. I want to run after you on an empty hectare of land as the cold air breezes, gliding through the field of grass and fascinating parched leaves fall down rusting over our ears. Indeed, its flux of motion is kind of pacifying and renders a spell-bound sentiment. We’ll stare at the sparkling stars made by God for the two of us. You’ll lay on my lap as I caress your hair with my hand.. till you fell asleep. I’ll be watching you rest, memorizing your every detail. Every line, every fiber on your face. I’ll be watching you until the moment you open your eyes. Until I dream of you in my deep sleep.

But, my love, I cannot promise you a perfect life with me. I myself is a complicated person, you’ll know that. What I can only promise is, life with me is never going to be easy. But it’s going to be worth it. And if ever a rude storm comes, together, we’ll still stay. Life is never made to wait and let the storms pass. It’s about dancing in the rain while feeling the wind like we’re flying. We will dance in the rain like a foolish person trying to hype up for a long day ahead. Our love will move the tidal waves of pain away.

I am single for years because I am preparing my heart just for you. I am also fixing my life and preparing those lovely days, weeks, months and years for you. Until we grow old together. And when everything seems perfect, I believe God will let our paths cross.

I’ll be waiting for you. Will you wait for me, too?




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