Fangirling: 10 People I Admire

Been seeing much posts of my Facebook friends sharing photos, videos and other sorts of things featuring the persons they love doing fangirling at, or those they find doubtlessly amazing. I am joining the bandwagon and I am sharing this post to every fan girl all over the world. Here’s ten amazing people (in no particular order) I am looking up to. #Fangirling101

1. Inay and Tatay. The best persons I know. Well, it is given that every parent would do and pursue for the best-to the fullest they can ever be- for their children. And it’s a big fact to my parents. They did more than they could ever do for me and Aan. They’ve done more than enough to raise us, give us quality education, feed us and doubtlessly give everything we need to us. In this world, I might only need a single planet, but Inay and Tatay gave me the whole galaxy.


2. Dr. Nicole Curato. I admire her personal views and opinions. She has a very excellent way of expressing her thoughts and a special skill in integrating these to the field of sociology and social issues. She has excellent analytical skills that she shares to everyone, especially students, but not bombarding them with too much sociological jargons which might alienate people not inclined to social sciences. Dr. Curato has a very good way of embarking lessons, thoughts and critical analyses that can, in one way or another, challenge one’s thinking. I have witnessed few of her talks- in UPLB, in television and have read some of her articles printed and online. Such a very intelligent agent of sociology.


3. Emma Watson. Who wouldn’t admire her beauty and charm? With such a perfect face, body and wit, guess everybody would have a feeling of jealousy towards her. Her eyes are jewels, sparkling and forbidding. Her smile is a beacon, beckoning us to speak. She’s an epitome of success too. She is a quintessential woman. A breath of fresh air for 90’s kids who believed in the magical spell of the red rose. She’s got an extraordinary appeal that traverses all ages and social brackets. She’s my Belle.. everyone’s Belle.


Hirap pumili ng picture, mga bes!


4. Prof. Aňonuevo. He’s Sir Augut, a senior faculty member of the Department of Social Sciences in UPLB. He was my professor in few of my major courses back in college. And I might say, he is the best professor I had during my stay in the university. He is intelligent, considerate and very passionate towards his craft. He teaches really well and demonstrates Honor and Excellence. Here’s a confession: Sir Augut was the only faculty I gave straight perfect scores during SET (Student Evaluation fro Teachers). For my friends outside UPLB, I’d like you to know that in the university, students are given the “right” to evaluate their teachers based on some criteria that should fit the university motto “Honor and Excellence”. It comes in Likert scale, assessment of self, description of how the course/s is/are being taught and a space for suggestion/s in further improving the course.


Couldn’t find a solo picture of Sir Augut. So I’m grabbing this photo from Ate Amanda, an advisee of Sir Augut cause I really love this letter. 

5. Lang Leav and Michael Faudet. I am (and will forever be) in love with the words of Lang Leav and Michael Faudet. Their my favorite poets and I take time to read few of their beautiful works whenever time permits. Unfortunately, I haven’t got any of their books. (Sad life) Friends reading this, I will be receiving my graduating rites on June 24 and (ehem!) if you’re thinking of a present, their books would be best. Haha!


6. Sen. Miriam Santiago. I featured her already. If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you might have read my article about how did I get the chance to see MDS. She will forever be in my heart and I believe she is always an inspiration to many Filipinos especially to the youth. I don’t have to reiterate why do I admire her. Her existence as a full-fledged woman of character and strength is a journey that has been available to the public eye. Not much words to feature her. Simply I can say, she’s an awesomely excellent public servant! … and the best president we all never had.


7. Sir Eli Iňigo. Sir Eli was my recitation instructor in PI 10 (Life and Works of Rizal). He’s really cool teacher. He has a peculiar way of engaging the students to the course. Sideline story: I feared history back then. I was never into it during high school. I didn’t appreciate any of it during those days years.. not until I took PI 10 (naks!). Back in high school, we were bombarded with too many names of people, places, dates and a lot, lot more that we need to memorize to pass quizzes and exams. Too tell everyone honestly, I am not really good at memorization. I am frequently mentally blocked. memorization sucks and it kills like hell. But Sir Iňigo’s approach was quite different. It was not memorization per se, it was more of understanding and getting a sense of thought from the topics.

He can also memorize the names and even the place of birth or the birth dates of his students. Yes. Imagine! He had several large classes but he’d known some of the details of his students’ profiles. I have encountered two faculty members who can do that thing- Sir Eli and Mam Galano, my PSY1 instructor/professor.

Moreover, Sir Eli has been very generous when it comes to giving points/grades. He made too much bonuses for the class to… *clears throat* survive.


The story behind this ID photo. Haha

8. The Script and Coldplay. The beats of their drums, the electrifying sound of the guitar, and their voices sway me in so many fascinating ways. The lyrics come across from a corner to another and the melody of their songs pulsate now in my veins. Equally excellent. Whenever I have long travel (which I love to do) alone, I always put my earphones on, escape the world and just listen to the songs of The Script and Coldplay. Music has always been a reliever of my stress.

Coldplay will be having their concert days from now. Urgggh! Wala akong ticket, di ko afford! </3


9. Pia Wurtzbach. Queen P is more than a pretty face that could launch a thousand ships. She is more of an epitome of an empowered woman aware and cares about current social issues and has the confidently beautiful heart for the youth as the strength of the universe. What I also admire about Pia is that, she keeps her dreams and aspirations on a stronghold. They say, timing is everything. And this couldn’t been more true to Pia. Despite facing a couple of rejections, she is a woman on a mission. She doesn’t give up things she is passionate about and pursue them with all her might.


Mas maliwanag pa ang kilikili ni Pia kaysa sa kinabukasan ko.

10. Sec. Gina Lopez. I admire her for being courageous enough to stick to what she believes is right. It is a good manifestation of a brave Filipina- someone who stands independently on her beliefs and does decisions based on empirical facts and considers the sake of the many. I salute her for having the heart for Mother Earth, not as a call of duty alone, but trully an advocate of nature.



Salute y’all! I am your fan.


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