Scarlet Love

Fate has brought us together in this cruel world
I was nothing but a drop of the oceans unfold
You were the heaven that mirrors the water’s delight
But I can only reach you through my eyesight

Love has made our parallel paths cross
Not knowing that we’ll meet with a purpose
You gave meaning to my mere existence
By just letting me feel your entire presence

With you, I don’t veil grudges and contempt at all
Unconsciously knowing our hearts will eventually fall
I wasn’t scared to love and get a little too deep
I was just wearing my heart upon my sleeve

You fought for the love we strongly held
I fearlessly stood up for the two of us so brave
But no matter what we do, the world always contradicts
Uncertain of this life so unfair, couldn’t mitigate deceit

I set you free and we began to quietly drift away
Without any single word to say
But I still waited for the day you will arrive
To the moment we’ll be together again, I did strive

I held you captive at the back of my mind
Distinctive memories that wafts by my side
Your smell forever haunts my nose
Even the howling sound of the wind as it blows

Answered prayer, we again met at the end of the road
My love and longing for you is still in a stronghold
Slowly gleaned at each other straight in the eyes
Reached each one as if we’re walking on a thin ice

That was the last farewell I could ever bid you, my love
I have to gently lose you for us to survive
We veer from each other away, threw everything
Sadly, for us, there is no such thing as happy ending

This isn’t the world where our hearts shall not be in pain
But I’ll traverse all the time and ages to meet you again
There’s the piece of your memoir I’ll forever keep in my heart
With open arms, I’m gladly accepting everything, if this is how we part

 I’ll be yours until my dying day. You were my scarlet love.


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