To every mom all over the world

For all those years you raised us with love
Unconditional, never-ending, helped us survive
Your womb was our most tranquil home
Where our little selves were initially honed

For all those times you dragged us to school
Made us educated so as not to be fooled
You inched us closer to better tomorrow
To live in peace and never in sorrow

For all those moments you read us fairytales before we sleep
We imagined how beautiful life in your every flip
We traversed all the ages a thousand times
And imagined ourselves as characters of the story line

For every morning you woke us up with your nag
Starting the day shouting us out so loud
You taught us that each day is a brand new hope
And seize it with the best things we can think of

For all those days you held our hands when we felt weak
You were the strongest person beside us to stick
You held us captive and again lets us stand
No matter how many times we fall on the ground

For all those times you wiped all our tears away
Stayed with us when things go astray
When pain and heartbreaks seem inevitable
And the dreams we built starts to fall

For all those times you became the best cheerleader in town
Never left our side whether we’re up and we’re down
Proudly raises our fists like a champ
Ever supportive, we’ve never felt like a dumb

You are the strongest person we know.
You deserve this world’s ever glow.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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