Sunday Serenade |04


It’s been a while. How’re you doing, guys? Did we all bid summer goodbye? Some already get back to “life’s reality”, missed schools and universities. Some of us are enjoying vacations still, some may be planning to go on a trip or the likes. But anyhoo, here’s a set of life songs I made so we’ll all have a more inspired (and even better) day. I am also spreading all the good vibes I am radiating within myself. Y’know, I will be receiving my graduation rites two weeks from now, yihaaaa! And I cannot be more excited than this. So here, I hope you’ll enjoy.

  1. Fight Song – Rachel Patten

2. Masterpiece – Jessy J

3. Defying GravityGlee

4. How Far I’ll Go –  Diamond White & KHS version

5. Brave – Sara Bareilles

6. Titanium – David Guetta ft. Sia

7. Invisible Hunter Hayes

8. Superheroes – The Script

9. BreakawayKelly Clarkson

10. The ClimbMiley Cyrus

11. Roar – Katy Perry

12. Scars to your Beautiful


Life is good. Happy Sunday!


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