2017 Realizations

Few days left before we bid 2017 goodbye. Time flies so fast that we are about to open another chapter as we close another. My 2017 has been a saga full of twists and turns; full of heart breaks, happiness and even lessons. How do you feel about it? Here are random realizations in my 2017.

  1. Things fall perfectly in places. Never think that you are a failure or that you are weak. No, you’re not! If you didn’t happen to achieve something or you failed or you get rejected for so many times, never think that you are stupid. It is just, those things were not for you. No matter how hard you try. You are not thwarting opportunities and you are never stupid. When we succumb to believing that we are victims of our own circumstances and yield to the plight of determinism, we lose drive, we lose hope and we settle into resignation and stagnation. Engrave in mind that there will always be things that are fated to be yours. You just have to wait for God’s perfect and magical time.
  2. Go with the system and play. Accept the fact that there are some things you couldn’t change. The universe won’t conspire and there will be moments that you can’t pull yourself over and stand right. Sometimes you’ll find yourself “kinain ng sistema” and it really happens. Some people won’t treat you fair and square. Some are just around to ruin your day and you have to brush off the flimsy stuff that may mess up your mood. Go and deal with it. It couldn’t be even more straightforward but we like to conjure up all the reasons and excuses for people when it boils down to the same truth– the system won’t adjust itself for us.
  3. Not everyone will stay. Not everyone we meet along  the road has deep purpose/s and roles in our lives. Some were meant to have a cameo appearances and will eventually leave. People come, people go, they say. Indeed. We don’t need a thousand friends to be happy. Few but real ones  who will stay with us in best and in darkest times–without any other thought– would be more than enough. We don’t have to ask people to stay. Staying is a choice and if they must leave, let them be. Then treasure those who would choose to stay.
  4. You won’t receive all that you give. The world is not about give-and-take kind of relationship– like what we ought it to be. You give all that you have, left nothing with you, and receive nothing at all. Give but never expect something in return. This might dampen your spirit most of the effin’ time. But the world wouldn’t be harsh if you have empty hands. We may not have the things we are supposed to receive but we will have the things we certainly deserve.
  5. Studying is fun. I am serious. You read it right. STUDYING IS FUN. This sounds strange since (most of) you might wonder what crossed my mind or what spirit has crept over my body to say this thing. If you know me, you already know how I spit fire over my notes and how my paper drafts bleed in red ink. I had a VERY DIFFICULT time getting through UP and my friends know that. Until now, I still ask myself if the academe is really meant for me. But nonetheless, I am enjoying this path I am tackling right now. If there is a moment I love to get back to, it would be my student life. I miss studying. I miss getting to the class as a student, not as an instructor. I miss reviewing for an exam and working on papers as well. Cause today, the hindrances I am hurdling through wouldn’t be academic struggles already. There are much more complicated problems in the real world than what we all have/had in school.
  6. Unicorns are real. All this time, I believe in unicorns. Some would slap me with their self-proclaimed truth that unicorns do not exist. Ostensible, they are. But believe me, they do.


    Spotted somewhere in Sto. Tomas, featured in Philippine Star, June 2017 (photo not mine)

  7. People will take you for granted. You give all the love you can give but there will be people along the road who would see you as nothing. Like you never really exist. You were constantly there when they needed you, but would vanish when they won’t need you anymore. They’ll seek for your help, you go to them, then leave you behind. Some won’t appreciate your efforts. Some won’t feel the love and affection you give. Might seem derogatory on your part but we have to accept the fact that some of them don’t deserve all your love. Invest it to people who would see the galaxies within you.
  8. Salary won’t satisfy your happiness. When I was a student, I thought when I’ll have a work, I’d be happier. Basically because I can buy all that I want, invest on some things and all. But nope. Happiness and fulfillment is not about money alone. I dunno but there is a part of me that still feels incomplete despite earning good salary and starting up my career.
  9. You don’t have to explain yourself to everyone. The world is not about pleasing others and being the person they want you to be. There is no room for you to exonerate yourself from the judgmental eyes of others. There is no way for you to be subservient and passive. Go dress according to your taste, drink the frappe you love, go to places you find serenity at. Be weird. Express yourself liberally and free yourself from the cage people have built. This is your life and to live means finding your own happiness. Not the happiness you get from pleasing the eyes of others. Live according to your rules.
  10. Social media are toxic. We can’t deny the power of social media nowadays. Social media can even change lives. But these have a different face now. Don’t you miss those little days where facebook and twitter were used to share good vibes and radiate happiness among people we consider as friends? What we actually see today are shitloads of witless images, fake news and strong personal emotions posted online. These days, we need to find ways on how to get some moolah.

There! only few lessons and realizations I got in my 2017 adventure. Massive thanks to 2017. It was indeed a good memorable journey full of life lessons. Looking forward to more in 2018. Cheers to one beautiful year!


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