The Hidden Panorama: Lakes Pandin and Yambo


I always love the idea of discovering majestic places especially those that only few people know about. I am not into getaways with a lot of people in it or in a place where I’ll be part of a huge crowd. I am not that sociable. Ironic, I know. I don’t want to be in a sea of strangers. I am quite introverted. I’d rather stay home than be with people I barely know. I love going to places where I’d certainly find tranquility of the heart, a serene place to think, to reflect, to cast my mind to my favorite days and even to breath a fresh new air- literally and figuratively.

Our mini-trip to Lake Pandin was somehow out of the unplanned. I know ourselves. Planned trips do not always happen. Well, they do. But very rarely. The original plan was a getaway to Enchanted Kingdom. This was planned months ago but since nobody gets the responsibility to buy tickets for the group, we were about to go tabula rasa. Good thing, Jushtine called Manuel, his friend, the night before and asked how much a ticket to EK would cost. We were all surprised that one costs about 800php since it was holiday and it is expected that people will make their vacations worth it.

But God has amazing ways why some things do not go as planned. We rather chose going to Pandin Lake and we immediately looked for its photos online. Thanks to my friends in UP who have been to Pandin months ago, I got this idea. But I contemplated at first because a friend of mine invited me I insisted, going to the same place. But I was feeling under the weather and I unfortunately cannot go on the date we have set. But I and my high school friends planned this the night before. We were four (Jushtine, Romar, Grace and I) on the original plan. But during the morning of our trip, Ate Marian informed us that she’s gonna join. So.. mukhang makukulayan na ang drawing namin. 

Pandin and Yambo lakes are two of the seven lakes in San Pablo. The city is quite near to Sto. Tomas and it is quite sad that I only had the chance to see only one of the seven lakes- Sampaloc. I am working in San Pablo City and the lake is just behind my workplace (school). Sampaloc Lake is becoming part of my everyday monotonous life. And I thank the heavens that I had the chance to see two more. So… four lakes to go!



From San Pablo City, ride a jeepney (Ilog bound) at 7/11 near San Pablo Cathedral. Politely ask the driver to drop you off at a tricycle parking space bound to Pandin. Fare is Php350. (This is quite costly because getting to Pandin was really an upheaval.) The road was smooth and there was no traffic but it took us around 30 to 45 minutes to finally get through the lake. We were dropped off at Yambo lake which confused us at first but discovered that Pandin has a twin lake. Haha, seriously! Lake Pandin and Lake Yambo are known to be “Kambal na Lawa” since they are really near to each other. A mini-hike away.

We first went to Yambo Lake and rode a bamboo raft, hiked to get to Pandin. It was only a “mini-hike” but it exhausted me a lot. Yes, adulting, it is! Loljk. I cannot fully remember the details of the cost we have paid and the breakdown of it but we have paid around Php360 pesos each inclusive of foods. The foods include ensaladang pako, grilled tilapia, ginataang hipon, banana, mineral water and fresh buko juice. I didn’t even know that pako (fern) is edible! Poor self. We ate our lunch at the bamboo raft and it was really great! It really felt good. Actually, it was way better than eating your lunch in a restaurant or in a buffet. Very refreshing! At a less-than-Php400 cost, we already had a full and sumptuous meal whilst enjoying the scenic picturesque of the lake.


The place has amused me in so many ways. I saw how plain the lifestyles of people living in it. Children happily play around, there were no presence of toxic social media among ’em, they do not use gadgets. What a very good way to live each day! Far, far away from the lives of children in the city.


The lake itself invites positive aura and we undoubtedly felt relaxed. The serenity is perfect for me to think, to breath and appreciate the beauty of nature. The clarity of the water and the melodic sound of it brings nothing but calmness in the one’s ever chaotic heart. The cold breeze of the air is a galaxy against the skin. And the ray of the sun is a torch that liberates me from my every unforgiving ground. Fascinating!


We went to SM before going home. Bought our favorite donuts and sip a cup of coffee while looking at our photos. It was kinda funny that we dared went malling with dirty shoes/slippers and wet pants/shorts. But.. who cares?

It was a fun adventure, though! A good and quick escape on a whale of a time with persons you enjoy company with. Looking forward to new more adventures this 2018!


God’s subtle way of telling me I am loved


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