Sunflowers. Sunshine. Sunday.

I was supposed to write about this a week ago but since every single day is almost preoccupied with so much things to accomplish, and every free hour was really meant for me to rest– since my body demands for it– I have no time to write how my day went, write about my thoughts, update this blog and all.

Here. I just want to share how I spent a day in the arms of sunflowers. Here’s a sweet reality, I am in love with sunflowers. My desktop’s background, phone’s wallpaper, my ponytail– they’re all sunflowers. Who wouldn’t fall in love with such beauty, anyway? I didn’t think out mini-getaway will come into a reality. Alex, a former advisee, texted me days before that she and her classmates are going to Sunshine Farm somewhere in Tiaong. I didn’t honestly think that it shall push through. The weather wasn’t that good, it was kinda placid and truly a bed weather for everybody. But because we were that eager to be in the farm, we still pursued going there. In the original plan, it was me, Alex, Sheryna, Janella, Christian and Kyla who were about to go in Tiaong. But for any reason, some weren’t able to join. So it was only me, Alex, Christian and Gelo who went and we were all excited. Elloi just saw Christian’s instagram story and asked if she can join us. We waited for her long before Gelo arrives.

Tiaong, Quezon was relatively near to San Pablo. The distance was like getting from San Pablo to home. And there was no traffic so it was a smooth ride though. We were dropped off at the Sunshine Farm and waited for Alex to arrive. But since we were excited to take selfies (especially me) with the beautiful sunflowers, we waited for Alex inside the farm area instead of waiting for her near the gates. Entrance fee was a hundred pesos. It might seem a little too costly for some but it was worthy because the caretakers of the farm are PWD’s. It was like helping them get a living while enjoying the entire place.


I am really in love with sunflowers. It was my long dream to get selfies with sunflowers while wearing my Sablay back when I was in my first year in college. I dreamt of having those photos in UP Diliman whose sunflowers were very iconic because they bloom during graduation season. I dreamt of receiving a bouquet of sunflowers during my graduation, too. Wearing my Sablay and white Filipiniana dress while carrying a bouquet of sunflowers and having them as the background at the same time is my ideal display photo. Haha, seriously. But none of it happened. Sadly. But my love for sunflowers never vanished. I still wear a smile whenever I see such. Sunflowers, for me, are God’s magical way of showing us how beautiful life is. That we bloom in our time. That we should seek for the beautiful rays of the sun. And glow in the brightest way we ever could be.


The plan was just getting to the farm, go home afterwhich. But Alex persuaded us to visit Bangkong Kahoy in Dolores since we were already there. She said that it was near and the weather was fine. So having this curiosity in mind, we decided to go there and we somehow regretted. Haha! We had to hike for two kilometers while wearing casual clothes (jeans, sandals, polo shirt in my case) and carrying a longchamp bag since I directly came from school. Imagine someone who is hiking with improper attire and a restless body just to see a certain place somebody recommended. Poor self. The place was really good but the weather was not. It was raining mildly but was tolerable at first. But as we go to reach the destination, we felt too exhausted and felt the dehydration and hunger. As we reached the place, it was good to know that there was free water which we were craving for during that moment. I drank four glasses of water but that was not enough. We took a cup of coffee (Kapeng Barako)  each to warm ourselves from the coldness we were feeling that moment. But to our surprise, only the first cup of coffee was free and we had to pay for the rest of the cups of coffee we consumed. I had three cups, myghad! We had our coffees while savouring on the burger and fries we bought. Whatta perfect combination, isn’t it? Lol. We weren’t oriented until Alex told us this when we were about to get home. BK was a nice place to do photoshoots/video shootings and perfect for instagrammable photos. Sadly, we had our trip there while the weather wasn’t good. We were all chilling in coldness and our attires didn’t fit the weather. It was damn hard to make ourselves feel a little bit warm when there was an extreme cold breeze of air, slightly heavy rain and lack of sun rays. Gelo was even dying of coldness and his goosebumps never really cease. Lol. But as what others say, the show must go on and there is no room for us to waste time and effort and energy and money to just sit on a corner and watch the place while not enjoying much.


So there! We were all wet but still managed to take a lot of selfies. In fact, there was an instance where I almost lose grip of my phone and it almost fell. Good thing I held on it even my world starts to fall apart. Char! I held on the selfie stick so it didn’t fall.

We even heard a loud scary sound which even hyped the chill we were feeling. So we ran to get back to the mini lounge area of BK where we got our burger and coffees. Imagine our deprived selves losing control of everything just to reach the place where we can have our rest. It was nearing 6pm and we were all worried of not getting home since the mode of transportation was quite difficult. We had to wait for a mobile to fetch us in the area. We were all waiting for an hour or so but the person we have called was nit coming yet. A lot of bad thoughts were battling in my mind. I was most worried because I was the oldest of my companies and I have the farthest residence among us all. Nonetheless, my worries were relieved for a man fetched us in his mobile and drove us to Dolores. Thank God we got there alive.

There! It was a short escape from stress and was definitely a good way to bond again with my former students/friends.



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