Elan Vital

This is to let you know my thoughts I never ought to display
Pathetic that this is the only way my heart could convey
My mouth is running out of words that would say
All the reasons why I simply want you to stay

Your smile brightens up such a dull and empty mood
I was a wallflower- here for a long time I stood
I even couldn’t escape those sparkling eyes
Through the rays of the sun, they brightly shine

I hold you captive everyday at the back of my mind
Thinking of you before I even hit the sheets at night
If I get a little too deep, anxieties would surely attack
To these strong feelings, I might take a hundred steps back

You are someone I am still asking from God above
Someone I would like to entrust my stubborn heart
Because in this one mess of a life
You make my whole being happily alive

Thank you for lifting the chaotic spirit resting inside me
For patiently listening to my never-ending story
Same drama, same pain, same fire
But you’re still the one I zealously desire

You taught me the things I should’ve learned
Things I painstakingly missed and discerned
That real success comes fromΒ per aspera ad astra
From north and south, from alpha and omega

I just wish and pray we’ve met some different time
That this is not the current situation we’re aligned
We’re both standing in such a cold unforgiving ground
Yet in this very place, our hearts and souls we’ve found

You’re becoming part of my system each day
Your absence makes me weak, I should say
But if we’re not made to stay forevermore
Just allow me to love you just a little bit more

Thank you for letting me rediscover my self in a new light
That others might had never shed light on.


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